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Has anyone here got any experience with these chips? I'm looking into trying
to make a Compact Flash mp3 player using:-

1. AT89C51SND2C / AT83SND2C - Microcontroller with MP3 decoder, DAC and
amplifier, as well as compact flash interface and USB facility to update
firmware -
2. Nokia 3310 Display (Philips PCD8544) - 84x48 B/W screen -
3. 5way Joystick - %
4. LTC3429 - Boost Convertor -,C1,C1003,C1042,P2346&action=viewall

However, I'm finding several problems. Firstly those microcontrollers seem
completely unavailable from any shops because they're completely new, also
they don't have a development kit yet. Another problem will be their
package, BGA100 and I can't seem to find any applicable adapters for this.

Any thoughts, comments, answers? Thanks in advance


Re: AT89C51SND2C / AT83SND2C

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Are you sure you want to make this? For not too much money you can buy a
complete mp3 player that's likely much smaller that what you can achieve, at
least not for the same money. It will save you a lot of hassle I think.
You can't really mount BGA's yourself, and you need a fine line multilayer
PCB (e.g. expensive) to even get it routed in a reasonable space. Getting
hold of these chips will be difficult, especially as a private person. And
they will be expensive.

Have you looked into the SND1? This one comes in a TQFP144 package I
believe, which is far easier to work with.  I have a little player with this
chip and a development kit; though I don't have any experience with it, it's
collecting dust in a box.

The golden days of DIY MP3 players are gone I guess.


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