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iam developing monitor programe by using mc68332,in tornado C,
here i need to write some data into EEPROM(at28hc256n).
to do that iam maiantaining 3 files
2)my application file--->  mymain.cpp
3)eeprom writing code---> eeprom.cpp
iam using even and odd memories.
first one bootrom file is storing in 0x0 location
mymain.bin is storing in 0x1000
eeprom.bin is storing in 0x6500
when ever i need to write data into eeprom iam copying  the code
presenting in 0x6500 to 0x10000(which is  SRAM address).
but its copying nicely into EEPROm specified location, but its not
comming back into EEPROM to execute remaining part of code.
please any one help me
thanking you

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