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I just wanted to know if it is possible to access e.g. 16Mbyte SDRAM
with an LPC2214 with an ARM7TDMI core? I think the necessary pins are
all lined out.
How to connect the RAM chip to the controller? I need this RAM for
running ucLinux on it.

Thanks a lot for the answers,

Hi Karl,

although I do like the Flash driven LPC2214 there is no SDRAM
controller on that chip. It can be used with regular (more expensive)
SRAM and run uC-Linux.

Other devices that do not offer the Flash could run with SDRAM like the
Samsumg ARM7 devices.

My recommendation though would be to run Linux on an ARM9 micro because
it runs much faster and almost all devices have a SDRAM controller but
hardly any has Flash.

hth, Schwob

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