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Our current product consists of a iNTEL XSCALE PXA255 processor plus
industry standard interface ICs. For a new generation product we have
to design a SOC with an embedded ARM core. To prototype this system we
want to use readily available ARM controller plus a few FPGAs. Now I am
searching for a silicon vendor that sells high performance ARM cores as
a stand-alone chip.

So far I found Atmel as a potential supplier but the clock frquency of
these ARM's is quite low, compared to the 400MHz XSCALE.

Question is whether anyone knows of a list of suppliers that supply
high-performance (on par with PXA255 @ 400MHz) ARM cores implemented as
a single standalone chip to prototype en debug our SOC development.
Best would be a CPU only package, without any peripherials.


Re: ARM processor
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Hi Cor,

I'm sure you are aware that XScale is not using standard ARM cores.
It is designed by Intel with a lot of optimizations, targeting to their
manufacturing process to get to that speed.  Also there are some
extension stuffs they put in which are not available on standard ARM
cores. So if you really want to go for 400MHz CPU speed you might
not able to get it from an ARM9 test chip.

One thing you could consider is to use the ARM's prototyping boards:

For ARM926 the chip on board can run at 210MHz, and for ARM1136 the
chip on board can run at 400MHz. (bus interface on the board run
at 30 to 40MHz), you can then add FPGA to the system using logic tiles:

These are all already to use (no need for you to spend time on
designing PCB).

Hope these information be useful to you.

Re: ARM processor
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Something like Samsung's ARM920 S3C2440 might be what you're looking for;

Simtec produce a 400MHz eval board here:

Samsung sales will no doubt be able to point you at a supplier:


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Re: ARM processor

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I'm not 100% sure but i think ACTEL have arm cores now..

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