ARM MultiICE 1.4 and gnu tools

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I want to port uclinux to a new ARM7TDMI board. I could borrow a ARM
MultiICE 1.4 JTAG debugger connected to parallel port. Is it possible to use
the gnu toolchain with it?

- Can I use gdb+ddd or gdb/insight for debugging with MultiICE. HostSystem:
Linux (but I could use windows on a second PC if necessary)?


- Can I use the ARM sw tools and the MultiICE and use the debug files build
by the gnu toolchain?

In some email archives I found hints about using arm-multiice-gdbserver from
redhat and a remote debug connection.

What is your opinion?

Any other recommendations? I don't think I can afford the Abatron BDI 2000



I already posted this message to the the uclinux mailing list (and I will
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Re: ARM MultiICE 1.4 and gnu tools
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Hi Dirk,

Please checkout our Chameleon POD product on .
Our Chameleon POD product can operates as the popular Macraigor Raven
(max. 8MHz for TCK frequency). And as a wiggler too!

As the Chameleon POD is configurable over the Chameleon Programmer
freeware, you will be able to use the Chameleon POD as a:

  - Raven for all your ARM project
  - Wiggler Emulator
  - Xilinx Cable III for downloading all Xilinx FPGA CPLD
  - Altera CByteBlaster for downloading all Altera FPGA CPLD
  - and many more free configuration.

Using Chameleon Programmer freeware, you will change the configuration
of the Chameleon POD in one second ...

As Raven is supported by all popular debugger software (IAR, Greenhills,
xRay, OCDemon ...) and fully supported by GNU GDB, the Chameleon POD
stay the lower cost solution over the actual JTAG Emulator market.

Our *ARM OCD ValuePack* is a complet debug solution for EUR159.-

Laurent Gauch
for Amontec Team

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Re: ARM MultiICE 1.4 and gnu tools
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Thanks for the hint I will consider it.



Re: ARM MultiICE 1.4 and gnu tools
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To some extent, an adapter like the "wiggler" could be useful instead. It
depends on your preferences regarding expenses (hardware cost vs.
development time cost).

That type of adapter is easy to build and cheap, e.g. using the circuit
from /

But support in gdb for that simple type of adapter is, well, immature. Be
prepared to spend numerous hours... You could start with patches like
those available in /

Currently that's the best starting point that I know of. There may be more
current or mature implementations of "wiggler" support for GDB (maybe in
GDB 6.x?) but yet I'm myself searching for them ;-)

This project may be interesting for you as well:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

A "new" board? Something interesting? ;-)


Re: ARM MultiICE 1.4 and gnu tools

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Thanks for the tip, but I will try to avoid this. I had bad experience with
gdb + P&E BDM Interface. That needed a patched gdb too.

I don't like the multiice-gdbserver solution (MultiICE connected to HW, ARM
MultiICEServer connected to MultiICE, multiice-gdbserver connected to arm
multiiceserver and finally gdb and/or insight connected to
multiice-gdbserver) but at least it doesn't need a patched gdb.

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Yes, I think. But sorry, I can't tell much about it (not yet). It is for a
customer and I don't have the order and not all legal questions are
answered. I assume that the customer will publish the port when it is



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