ARM CP920T & ARM Multi-ice

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Desperately need help. :((

I have ARM CP Platform with core module (920T) on top of the
integrator and multi-ice is connected to the CM module.
Using this configuration everything is fine.

I add Logic Module (XVC2000E) on top of the CM and connect the
multi-ice cable on LM Module.
This configuration is giving me problem. The multi-ice can not
performed auto-configuration. The multi-ice server gave message:
"auto-configuration failed. check the target power is on. your chip
may require manual configuration"

Anybody has the same experience before ? or if anyone of you has the
manual config file for above configuration.


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Re: ARM CP920T & ARM Multi-ice
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Not able to help you myself but may I suggest you to post this question
on comp.sys.arm ?  I guess some pepole in that newsgroup might able to help.


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