Anyone ever use a Jeteye IR with a PIC?

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A surplus store in our city is selling the "Jeteye PC" device for $1.

It appears to be a rs232 IR sender/receiver in a cute small package. I
cracked it open and found 3 SMD chips, a crystal and a 2 bulb IR device
(plus a few caps and transistors).

I looked up the chips with an online data sheet service. One of the chips is
a 8 pin low dropout regulator.

The other 2 have me stumped:
(1) 7001   90B823
(2) TI 84D13RK  LV00

Ideally I would figure out where to tap the TTL levels so I could directly
attach it to a PIC.

Has anyone played with these things?

-----  some more info I found; plus I metered the ports ------

The baud rate is selected by the DTR and RTS serial lines according to
the following:

Baud Rate       DTR - Pin 4     RTS - Pin 7
9600            0               1
19200           1               0
115200          1               1

After changing DTR and/or RTS to change the baud rate, allow 0.5
microseconds for the JetEye to stabilize before sending or receiving

Do not select DTR=0 RTS=0, since this will power down the JetEye if it
is running with no transformer. The JetEye needs 100 milliseconds on
power up to stabilize.

Signal Assignments:
DCD - 1 - Not Used
Rx  - 2 - Data transmitted from JetEye to PC
Tx  - 3 - Data transmitted from PC to JetEye
DTR - 4 - Supplies power to the JetEye
GND - 5 - Signal Ground
DSR - 6 - Not Used
RTS - 7 - Supplies power to the JetEye
CTS - 8 - Not Used
RI  - 9 - Not Used

The JetEye supports only half-duplex operation. This is a characteristic
of infrared.


push on connector on the board


pins to db9

1=db5 (ground)
2=db4 (DTR - power)
3=db8 (CTS)
4=db3 (pc to jeteye)
5=db7 (RTS - power)
6=db2 (jeteye to pc)

Re: Anyone ever use a Jeteye IR with a PIC?
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Not I. But "7001" rang a bell from 20+ years ago.
[from days when they started emulating 7400 parts in other processes]

Tried a couple of Google searches.
turned up
HSDL-7001 IR 3/16 Encode/ Decode IC with 16X Clock Generator
which stated

The HSDL-7001 modulates and demodules electrical pulses from
IrDA-compliant transceivers. It can be used with a
microcontroller/microprocessor that has a serial communication interface
The HSDL-7001 can be placed into the Internal Clock Mode or External
Clock Mode. An external crystal is needed for the Internal Clock Mode.
In applications where the external 16XCLK signal is provided, a crystal
is not needed.
There are two data transmission modes. Data can be transmitted and
received in either a standard 3/16 modulation mode or a 1.63ms pulse mode.

Might this be relevant?

[ no luck searching TI 84D13RK ]

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Re: Anyone ever use a Jeteye IR with a PIC?
That was a great find!

I was searching for the 2nd number thinking the 7001 was a 'house' number.

The last page of the PDF has an application note that shows how to hook it
up to a microcontroller.
I'll give it a try, it even looks good for on top of a BOT.

I bought a few of them, I hope to use one as a remote PC connection to a
hamradio that uses TTL serial for CAT control (instead of the standard
max232 or ds275 solutions).

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