Anybody works with job agency to find job before?

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Hi everyone.
I am a recent layoff due to downsizing (yes, it's still happening).
I was wondering if anyone here used job agency before.  I want to try
one, since people recommend me to use one to find job faster, but I
have not found any. Can anyone recommend any to me? I am in Los
Angeles area and a software engineer in embedded and applications.


Re: Anybody works with job agency to find job before?
Don't worry Stan, our president George Bush has announced a "Four-year plan"
to increase the number of jobs, so if you and all of the other engineers
here who have had their jobs Bangalored are getting worried about making the
house, college loan, car, electricity, food, or other payments hold on!
Help is on the way.  Look for changes sometime in the next 4 years!

I'm sorry for your job loss.  I have in the past worked with Aerotek in
Houston, TX.  They were decent, although their recruiters don't know jack
about technical positions, they just try to line up resumes with posted
positions.  Anyhow, at least they always paid me on time.

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Re: Anybody works with job agency to find job before?
Sorry to hear about your job. I know several people in the Midwest
still getting laid off, usually not from engineering jobs (since such
people have been laid off a while back). It's too bad that they don't
want to offer extensions beyond the standard 6-months unemployment pay
nowadays. The people still need it, but i guess granting extensions
would paint a dim jobs outlook during election year. Oh well.

Many openings on Dice (and Hotjobs, etc.) have recruiters working for
job agencies. So if you apply, you most likely will not get that
specific job, but you will get that recruiter's attention who usually
has other jobs in mind that you'll probably fit in. As an incentive,
the recruiter gets a one-time bonus if you stay aboard for more than x
months (x may be 3 months, 6 months, who knows). During the bubble,
such jobs came a dime a dozen and were easy to get (especially in the
Valley), but not anymore.

There are also engineering consulting firms who hire EEs and Software
Es. They search for contracts and then hire individual(s) for that
contract. They charge X amount of dollars per hour, and you will get
roughly a 50% cut. Aside from the startup I am a partner in that i
report to in the evening and on weekends, my 9-to-5 MTWRF job is with
at a client site through the engineering consulting firm. In my
opinion, they work closer with you to get a job than the Hotjobs
recruiters working to make a quick buck.


p.s. What is the job climate now there in the West Coast? Is southern
California's tech/telecom sector recovering? How is the Bay area doing
up north? I still see more bleeding when I read f* I moved
back to the Midwest almost 2 years ago after a few brief stints with
valley startups that serially went bankrupt. Here in the Midwest, i do
more embedded industrial control jobs since there is a dormant telecom
job sector here. Nevertheless, people are still getting laid off here
too. (stan) wrote in message
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Re: Anybody works with job agency to find job before?
Hi Gentlemen,
Thanks for the kind responses. I took notes of you advices.
In so-cal, right now actually looks pretty good, since I saw many job
openings in monster.  But, really, for one job opening, they probably
receive 100+ resumes. So, the chances are very tight. I had a couple
phone interviews and never passed them. I couldn't believe they asked
so many ridiculous questions like "what is ANSI C" , "what's a class"
etc etc etc

Defense sector looks pretty good here, but of course you need security
clearance and such. (Mike V.) wrote in message
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Re: Anybody works with job agency to find job before?
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Not a living, but I do make some supplemental income from I
actually haven't got a single job "through", but people have
found my details there (apparently) and contacted me directly through
my web site.

Re: Anybody works with job agency to find job before?

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Thanks for the link.  As of yet (8 years contracting, 19 years captive
employment before that) I have not had any gaps being engaged in long
term projects, but will bookmark that site to visit when I have

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Similarly, I have been contacted directly as a result of contributing
to various web-based vendor discussion forums and have picked up
clients through that means.  "Vendors" would be those targeting the
embedded systems market with hardware (e.g., MCUs, tools, etc.) and
software (e.g., compilers, (RT)OSs, protocol stacks, etc.).

So, for contractors or those thinking about the contracting path, we
now have as resources for leads (discussed here):

Vendor discussion forums
[add to the list here]

When adding to the list, consider sharing descriptions of success or
failure (or in-between, for that matter).

Dan Henry

Re: Anybody works with job agency to find job before?
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I would estimate that I could probably earn $10k/yr from Guru leads,
but I don't bother. Frankly I ignore the "leads" sends me
automatically - they're occasionally applicable to my skillset, but
the prices are not worth getting out of bed for. I only respond when
someone sends me a personal message.

My financial life is structured around my day job. I don't like living
off consulting work. I use it strictly to finance my fun personal
electronic projects. For example, I'm about to acquire a metalworking
lathe, a compressor and a spectrum analyzer (yes, all for the same
project :) that I paid for with a short contract job. And when I next
want a vacation, or to upgrade my car, I'll do some short contract
work to pay for it.

Oh, and I also do technical proofreading. The pay scale for
proofreading, if you read quickly and accurately, is something roughly
approximating the low end ($60/hr) of consulting work. It's certainly
nice to get the occasional check this way, but I do it mainly because
it means I get sneak previews of upcoming books. My publisher pretty
much only passes me embedded programming manuscripts; I've found them
interesting to read (though the quality of the prose, I'm sorry to
say, rarely matches the quality of the technical info).

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