Any project for embedded system design (entry level)?

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Dear all,

Can anybody suggest me a project (open source or part-time job or
intern)?I need a project to develop my skills.

I am targeting at embedded system sofware or firmware for wireless
multimedia application, such as device driver, assembly programming,
DSP programming, RTOS porting and so on.

My skills:
1. I am excellent in C++ programming and have working experiences in
compiler design and multimedia processing. I am also good at wireless
protocol design.

2. I am good at verilog programming and IC design for multimedia
application by using Synopsys and Cadence. Currently I am focusing on
FPGA prototyping.

3. I have a little working experiences in device drivers for WinNT and
MCU based board design.

4. I am firmiliar with DSP programming, ucLinux and ARM based embedded
system. But no working experiences. I am interested in them and need

I can do the project(no paid). Any suggestion is welcome.


Re: Any project for embedded system design (entry level)? (Lee) wrote in message
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(A) Pick up a target system with an USB slave connection, or add the
USB connectivity to a target system.

(B) Add GDB (GNU debugger) USB connectivity to the GDB remote protocol

USB connection debugging with GDB is a most wanted addition to GDB, as
I understand it.


- Thierry Moreau

Re: Any project for embedded system design (entry level)?
On 13 Aug 2004 09:03:40 -0700, (Thierry

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It is already configured as a JTAG host. The USB connection uses an
FTDI chip, so drivers are readily available for common OSes. Our ARM
JTAG debugger is scheduled for Q4/2004 providing that we don't get too
much additional work.

Stephen Pelc,
MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd - More Real, Less Time
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