Annoucement -NEW Software Debugger for ARM

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Announcing to the Embedded Community across the world,
the arrival of a Software debugger that is an across
the board tool which will optimize your
entire embedded development lifecycle.

GalieoSD is a Multi-compiler, Multi-emulator and
Multi-Platform debugger for ARM7 & ARM9 Cores, that
supports ELF, DWARF, COFF, GNU toolchain
formats.This will enable you to use your
favourite compilers & linkers( ADS, GNU, Metrowerks, IAR, Realview).
Galieo SD can debug your projects written
in either C or  C++, without any modification
to the source-codes.Its multi-platform supporting
capability allows you to work on the OS of
your choice-Linux, Unix, Windows NT & windows 9x.
Breakpointing & Scripting facilities are also
the standard features of
GalieoSD, as also the Flash Downloading & Trace-option facilities.

All this and much more.... at an unbelievable price of US$199 !!!
There are more offers in the offing. Check out all that and more about
GalieoSD at
FREE Download version of the Debugger is also available from Jan 23rd
onwards from our website.

You may also write to us at .


Re: Annoucement -NEW Software Debugger for ARM

But when you say :

GalieoSD® supports

» All ARM cores
» All compilers like GNU, Metrowerks, IAR, ADS, Realview…
» All JTAG emulators

What is 'all JTAG emulators'

Laurent Gauch

alieoSoft wrote:
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Re: Annoucement -NEW Software Debugger for ARM
All jtag EMULATORS currently mean EPI's MAJIC
We have plan to include all available JTAG emulators for ARM in the
near future.
This interface work of JTAG Emulator  to our debugger is purely driven
by customer's needs and we speeden the work on request.

Please feel free to ask us more questions.

Galieosoft team

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