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Hello group.

 At our company we have decided to release under the LGPL a small
Python module we wrote that interfaces to FTDI's D2XX driver
(http://www.ftdichip.com /). Now you can control USB devices with
Python! There are many USB serial dongles and USB FIFO devices out
there that use FTDI chips.

 Currently we are only supporting Windows, but we plan to release a
Linux version as soon as FTDI makes the Linux D2XX driver available.

 The module has been used succesfully with FT232BM-based USB-RS485
serial dongles and a USB-JTAG ARM debugger we are developing in our
company (which uses the new FT2232C chip). It is however still
preliminary so there are some unsupported functions.

 You can download the PyUSB distribution and get more information at
http://armoid.com/pyusb /.

 Warmest regards.

PabloBleyerKocik /
 pbleyer2004    /"Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability."
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