ANN: JTAG interface update

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Hi all,

First I apologize for this advice on the comp.arch.embedded

We have updated our Raven JTAG interface with RTCK feature.

The rtck feature is for all ARM-s series like Philips LPC21xx or
LH754xx. Our Raven JTAG is 5x faster as the Wiggler and the debug
becomes much more stable.

The advantage of our -RTCK feature : a better debug stability, since
the JTAG baudrate is controlled by the ARM processor and not by the

The -RTCK feature is only supported by our Chameleon POD, not
supported by the original Raven.

Also, we have do some changes in the FSM of the original Raven. We
are now 1.6x faster as the original Raven.

Fully tested using GNUARM tools and OCDLibRemote.dll on
Philips : LPC2106
Sharp : LH75400 LH75401 LH75410 LH75411

You will find configuration update directly on

Best regards,
Laurent Gauch

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