ANN: GCC 4.0.1 for ARM targets is available

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Hi all,

I'm writing to announce that I've compiled the newest version of GCC (4.0.1)
for ARM targets on Win32 platform and it is available for download.

As with all previous releases, it is compiled under MinGW32, and contains
not only the C/C++ compilers but all other languages (ADA, Java, Fortran95,
Objective C) that are available in the standard GCC distribution. This is
however the first time I have been able to get all ADA libs and utilities to
compile as well, so in that sense this is the first full release. Do not
expect though the Java and ADA runtimes to be fully functional. In fact many
of their funcionality would not work most likely unless you put significant
amount of work into porting them to your particular target.

You can download this release from my website:

Andras Tantos

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