ANN: ESF Dual Blackfin Development System

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EmINENT Microsystems provides developers an easy to use Blackfin
development system to speed all stages of your project. From prototype
to rollout the Embedded Software Framework can reduce engineering
costs and speed time to market.

Flexible - Software reconfiguration via ESF embedded templatization for
clean application specific modifications.

Reliable - Uses COTS components and a stringent QA process to ensure
a quality,long-lasting product even in harsh environments

This feature rich package includes:

Dual Blackfin 535 DSPs
High speed - 700 MIPS
Gigabit Ethernet
3.3 volt PCI
PC/104 Plus
2 on board, 4 channel, high-speed A/D converters
12 bit simultaneous 4 channel @ 400 KSPS
16 bit dual simultaneous channels @ 500 KSPS
Input channel expansion through modular I/O boards
Maximum memory per DSP of 128 MB
544 KB boot flash and 2 MB of flash data memory
High resolution (ns) real-time clock with battery back-up storage options
include hard drive and PCMCIA
Dynamic power management per DSP
Triple SPORT serial ports
Dual UART, SPI serial ports
Dual USB/JTAG interface
Global bus expansion connector

EmINENT Microsystems is a premier provider of advanced software
and design services to the global embedded market. EmINENT
Microsystems offers a wide range of embedded products and
ODM/OEM services including ESF OST (Embedded Software
FrameworkT) a royalty free object oriented RTOS and networking
suite, DSP algorithm, embedded neural network and pattern recognition
libraries. These technologies enable next generation smart devices and
embedded applications such as consumer devices, medical devices,
M2M, wireless products, remote monitoring and point of sale terminals.
EmINENT Microsystems accelerates the product development cycle and
reduces overall project costs. Discover the EmINENT advantage.

For more information, please call:
John Laws
EmINENT Microsystems, Inc.

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