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Re: Again a "realtime" question

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I think you mean part or piece reject rate ... machinery inevitably
requires maintenance and tweaks now and then.  But I know from
personal experience that in some penny pinching piece work industries,
a measurable failure (meaning repair needed) rate for the production
equipment is considered too high and will cause the owner of said
equipment to start looking for something better.

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Re: Again a "realtime" question

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I used to implement RT assembly line machine vision QA apps on NT4
with hard cycles times that ranged from 50ms for a single part up to
1.4s for 192 parts.  A few systems supported flexible cycling through
interlocks with the conveyor, but most simply had a trigger and a
specified maximum response time.  Most systems supported several
different CPU, camera and algorithm configurations so processing times
were greatly variable, but we tested and guaranteed response time for
marketed hardware configurations - oddball configurations were
supported but were not guaranteed.

Even the systems that supported flexible cycles were spec'd hard
because customer use of the conveyor interlocks was optional.   A few
customers used the interlocks simply as a failsafe, but most used them
to drive their conveyors faster either by timing the conveyor to the
average response and delaying if the QA system wasn't ready or by
directly linking advance to the ready signal and variably cycling the

Usable performance with aspirations to real time 8-)

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Was: Again a "realtime" question Now: Thank You!
Dear Voytek, Andreas, Hans-Bernhard, Scott, George and Paul,

Thank You for Your explanations, it's clear to me now. Hope that next time,
when I post a question about something embedded, You won't start laughing
just by seeing my name ;-).

Sincere greetings,

Re: Again a "realtime" question Now: Thank You!

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Well, this post made me laugh!   ;^D


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