Advice for a PS/2 to USB splitter device

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Hello to all

I posted this on the newsgroup, and the
answers are basically - Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) - so try it out.
In terms of time and energy, this is not a good route. Then again, I'm
sure someone in this newsgroup has done some USB work and maybe you can
share your valuable experience here.

Thank you in advance.

With new laptops sporting only USB ports, I hooked up my PS/2 ergonomic
mouse and keypad to a single USB port via one those el cheapo splitters
(costs about US$7) to my ThinkPad R51.

Every now and then, the mouse and keypad will hang, so I have to unplug
and plug the device to reset it. Very troublesome of course. The shop
says I should buy ths US$30 version - but no guarantees and no $ back! I
can try it in the shop, though.

I would appreciate it if anyone has some advice on a good brand to buy,
the caveats in buying, etc etc.

Thank you in advance

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