ADS supports TI JTAG Emulator?

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I'm goint to debug ARM7TDMI using TI XDS510PP-Plus JTAG emulator. I
want to know if it is possible to use XDS510 JTAG emulator under
ADS(Arm Development Suite) environment.

Do I need some drivers?

Please, Help me.

Re: ADS supports TI JTAG Emulator?
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The debuggers included with ADS are based on RDI (Remote Debug Interface).
The TI emulator that you mentioned does not appear to have RDI drivers. It
appears to to be tightly integrated into TI Code Composer Studio.

TI does appear to license the interface specifications for talking to the
the ICE and it is possible to obtain RDI specification from ARM so it is
within the realms of possibility for you to contract someone to write a
protocol converter.

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