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(flames expected of course)

SimmStick was designed and first sold in 1996 by Dontronics, and our world wide
It was aimed mainly at PIC and AVR micro projects.
We are getting to the last of our stock, and these boards will never be
reproduced by us, so it is a last opportunity to
buy these blank PCB boards at prices ranging from $1 to $3. Quantity discounts
still apply.

Full schematics and assembly instructions provided on line.


SimmStick – 15 Years On.

We still have a few SimmStick boards left at throw out prices.

Basically these are bare prototype printed circuit boards for your PIC,  AVR or
other micro projects.

Boards are now priced from $1AUD to $3AUD. Currently this is almost the same as
the USD.

Cheap SimmStick motherboards What can we use them for?

Any project that needs the following:

     Target Board for PIC or AVR Project
     Parallel port.
     Serial port.
     Motherboard for SimmSticks.
     Power supply for SimmSticks.
     LEDs, Switches, Relays, I2C bus, with interfacing to popular PIC and AVR
Micros. / /

Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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