9S12DP256 board

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I am looking for a low-cost Motorola 9S12DP256 board with not too many
bells and whistles.  All I need is the micro, the power supply
circuit, and BDM connector.  The pins need to brought out to a
connector as well.  Thanks in advance for the information.

Re: 9S12DP256 board
snipped-for-privacy@wowway.com (jah) wrote in message
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In case anyone is interested, I found a good low-cost (MiniDRAGON+ is
under $100) at the following website:


Re: 9S12DP256 board
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Those look like pretty decent little boards at excellent
prices, and development tools are free since GCC supports
hc11/hc12, development tools are free.

I'm especially impressed that it comes with a bootloader and
debugger that _nobody_ wrote!  Apparently it just evloved...

  "The answer is that the MiniDRAGON+ will work with any
   software tools and any BDMs, because the bootloader and the
   D-bug12 are supplied by Motorola. We did not write them and
   nobody wrote them."

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