8051-based MIDI devices

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Some in these groups may recall my Urge To Merge, an 8051-based
MIDI merger/processor/interfacer that grew from discussions in
rec.music.synth.  It's a 2 by 1 merger that includes two footswitch
inputs and two relay outputs on 1/4" phone jacks.  See it at
http://home.comcast.net/~mrkesti /

I have also designed an 8051-based Generic MIDI I/O board that
provides MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU ports, a 4-bit dipswitch, and 26
bits of "parallel" I/O.  It can be seen at
http://home.comcast.net/~mrkesti/stuff/genmidi /

Inspired by discussions in rec.audio.pro, I have used the Generic
MIDI I/O board to implement a MIDI Timecode (MTC) Display and a
MIDI Machine Control (MMC) Decoder.  See them at

The UTOM and GMIO can be used to solve a wide range of MIDI processing
and interfacing problems and as the basis of custom MIDI products.
I supply source code and an assembler so that custom applications can
be readily developed by those with the skills and tools to program
the 8051.  

I have these in stock and ready to sell and can be willing to write
custom applications for them, too.  Contact me via email for more info.

Watch out for my fail-mail reply address and see my sig for a mildly
disguised actual address.

Also, please note the groups to which I have crossposted this article
and consider removing those that may not be relevant in follow-ups.


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