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Hi All,
I want to build a development board for 68HC08. can anyone give me
pointers as to how to go about it.
like what to take into considerations
how to program the in built flash etc ...

Re: 68HC08
If you speak french : http://www.ybdesign.fr/68hc908

You can find the programming design into the datasheet of your HC08, in the
MONITOR section.


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Re: 68HC08

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It might make more sense to buy one from the many vendors including
Freescale who manufacture them. The costs vary, but the most expensive are
around $250. Just getting a PCB laid out alone could set you back a few
bucks. That way you can have something that is already up and running. Get a
board that has provision for external memory, etc. and access to a daughter
board. Then you can do your experimenting on the daughter board.

You didn't state in your post the level of experience you have with the HC08
or any other MCU. Go to the freescale.com site and get any of hundreds of
free documents for the HC08. Also hit the metrowerks.com site for a free
special edition of its HC08 CodeWarrior package.

Gary Schnabl

Re: 68HC08
Yvan, too bad i can't read french, but i'll try translating the pages
through google. May be this first geeky reason to learn french (there
are other reasons too, i'm sure u would know).

Gary, yeah i know i could buy one for $100-250 but i want to build one.
i could share the schematic, the pcb layouts and the software. Well i
haven't worked with HC08 but i'm an engineer and pretty familiar with
I guess what i'm really asking is how would i be able to program the
controller flash on the board. i think designing the board etc wouldn't
be much problem but let say i have the board ready, how do i load the
very first program without having to use an external programmer to
program the inbuilt flash.
I know some uC download code from the serial interface into the ram and
execute it, if you pull down certain pins. Can i do something like this
with 68hc08 or i have to use an external programmer ?
Hope i made my question clear. let me if i make sense.
thanks for all your inputs.

Re: 68HC08

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You could somehow get an EVM board cheap and duplicate it later for your
special needs. At least you'll have it running right at the start. That what
many others would do...

Why not let CodeWarrior do your FLASH programming? The Special Edition
doesn't cost anything. Perhaps you'll like it and become a user. You can use
CW for some 12 KB of C code and with no limitation for assembly code.

The freescale.com site has a collection of Application Notes about varous
design information that you can download. Do a search of those docs. You'll
find enough there.


Re: 68HC08
Have a look to FREESCALE AN2295.
You will program a bootloader in the highest part of the FLASH, and with it,
you will be able to program your C through the SCI.


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Re: 68HC08
You don't need an external programmer, the HC08 family has got so
called monitor mode, which allows programming and simple debugging (one
breakpoint) through serial port. CodeWarrior provides support for this.
Every datasheet for HC08 family contains description how to wite up the
cpu to enter monitor mode.
Better debugging options offers the HCS08 family with its BDM
interface. However there is no free design for an HCS08 BDM tool yet.
best regards
Petr Cach

Re: 68HC08
In case you are unaware of it, here's another Freescale resource:


Re: 68HC08

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I knew that I show something relating to this on Metrowerks's Online
Support, so I copied this the last time I surfed Online Support: Adapt the
HC(S)12 response for the HC(S)08. BTW, I didn't notice an item 3) in the

FAQ: Can CW HC12 be used as a stand alone flash programmer for the HC(S)12

Answer: Yes, it is possible. To do that you should:
1) Get a licensed CW HC12 install for flash programming, free SE license
will work.
2) Copy project.ini from your project into CW HC12 install\prog, check if
"LoadDialogOptions=CODEONLY" appears under the [HI-WAVE] section. If not,
add it.
4) Copy your *.s19 from your project\bin into CW HC12 install\prog as
5) Go to C:\program files\metrowerks\CodeWarrior CW12_V2.0\prog in DOS
window and run "hiwave.exe -Prod=project.ini MyProject.s19". The s-record
will be loaded into mcu automatically. You can build a DOS batch file as
following and let operator just click this ProgramHCS12.bat -- "c:\program
files\metrowerks\CodeWarrior CW12_V2.0\prog\hiwave.exe" -Prod=project.ini
MyProject.s19 You can also change the path of your CodeWarrior installation
accordingly. Also change the s-record name to the one you want.

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