6805 and M68DEMO908GB60

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Six or more months ago I was given the job of introducing a micro to
into our company and training our techs and engineers. I have been a
long suffering Moto 6805 user.
I have used it in many cordless phones and answering machines
manufactured in China, despite the total lack of support.

First we tried to order some M68DEMO0908GB60 demo boards from the local
Australian agent, they didn't have any and didn't even know it was,
but it was featured on their own web site. I ordered it direct from the
states. Yanks know how to get things done "forget the aussies" is
my rule. Sure enough they were in my hands in four days.

 Upon preparing them and firing them up I found that I needed to apply
for a license for what appears to be third party software. I completed
their on line form and it went to the Singapore office, after answering
heaps of dumb questions about who we were and why we wanted a license
and EVEN what product we required the license for, we got no were fast,
with some one who could barely speak English.
 We did get a partial license but the boards wouldn't work. Answer-
on the advice of some of my peers - forget it and go for AVR studio
like every one else.
 Did it, had no probs, and trained everyone on it- mission
accomplished, easily.
I have now brought the moto boards home and am trying to fire them up
again. Can run all the demo programs on the board in stand alone mode.
Can run the MTWKS software and can compile it, but can't get the
board on line and load any code not even the demo code.
 Forget contacting them again - has anyone got thing  running?
 I am running version 3 of MTWKS as supplied but the boards they sent
us have a serial not a USB, could this be the prob? And are there any
other things I could try, or should I just chuck them in the bin and
use AVR at home too.

Re: 6805 and M68DEMO908GB60

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Is that a 6809 based board? I did try and find it with aquick search but no

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Glad you managed to accomplish your task.

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If the board is a 6809 based system then might I suggest a change of
development software. The 6809 (and consequently the 6309) are excellent
processors for Forth. I have my tools for the 6809 from MPE Ltd
(http://www.mpeltd.demon.co.uk /).

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Re: 6805 and M68DEMO908GB60
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                                       ^ (typo)
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It's a HCS08 board. (There's one zero too many in the above part number)

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MTWKS is Codewarrior I assume ?

Have you read through the material at:


I am not familiar with the HCS series, only the HC08 variants such as the QT4
and the JB8, but with these variants it's possible to switch between several
target modes in Codewarrior. (I've forgotten the details however; I do my
HC08 development under Linux) Do you have the right mode for this board ?


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Re: 6805 and M68DEMO908GB60
On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 10:33:18 +0100, "Paul E. Bennett"

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No joy.  From the number, I would guess it's a MC68HC908GB60, a
(higher-end) member of the 6808 range.


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Re: 6805 and M68DEMO908GB60

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Someone had earlier identified the typo in the OP's number. I only used the
part number of the OP in the search term. As it is a 6808 (a bigger boy
than the 6805) I will leave it to others to suggest suitable tools.

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Re: 6805 and M68DEMO908GB60

Thanks all, answers to some questions.
check this link    C:\col\M68DEMO908GB60 Product Summary Page.mht
for details on the board. Its the board Iam having problems with. I
have read and understood the manual on the chip. The 6808 is not a
member of the 6809 family. the software is the windows version.

 I can load and run the demo program from the IDE, it works fine in
stand alone mode.The demo program also runs without the board connected
and single steps fine. The IDE will come up and I can complie programs
and run them on the simulator, however when I hook up the board (even
the demo program) the software locks up.

Re: 6805 and M68DEMO908GB60

Sorry that link should be as follows


I expext it would be hard for you to see my hard drive so that may be
better huh?.
I saved the page as I have found over the years that moto has a habit
of making such boards and data sheets diappear off their site.

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