2-4 inch Color LCD's

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Can anyone here tell me how much LCD's should cost in low volumes (5k
per year?)

Currently we are looking for somthing either palm sized (160 X 160 res
50mm X 50mm) or Ipaq type size (320 X 200, 100mm *50mm)

The quotes are crazy (I could dissasemble game boys and scrap the rest
and still save money)

Am I wrong to think that these should be in the $25 - $40 range?

Re: 2-4 inch Color LCD's
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That depends on what type of screen you want. Color/NB. TFT/STN. CFL/WhiteLed

For $25 -> 40$ you're not gonna have much. Maybe a lowres NB/STN ...

Sylvain Munaut

Re: 2-4 inch Color LCD's

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It depends on where you're buying them and from whom and in what
quantities. I am guessing you are being quoted something between
$70-$100-odd for a TFT panel in that size range, perhaps not including
the inverter, and I'm further guessing that you are going through US
distribution channels.

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In those volumes - yes, you are totally wrong. You should be looking
at surplus panels if your volumes are this low and cost is a
criterion. You can probably meet your target price for surplus if you
buy a year's inventory up front. You did look at www.73.com [general
surplus place, interesting stuff, LOTS of cellphone surplus parts],
www.usbid.com [only good if you know an exact desired part#], and
www.earthlcd.com ["the" source in the United States for surplus LCDs],

The only way to get new stock prices in your ballpark is to source
direct out of the Orient and they aren't interested in your volumes.
If you already have mfg in the Orient, get your purchasing people over
there to ask HK and/or Japanese distris about pricing.

As far as buying LCDs through US distris - Fuggedaboutit, period.
Prices are outrageous, support is ludicrous. Sharp is particularly
insane, but the other major players - AU, Prime View, Kyocera, Samsung
etc are not much better. With at least a couple of names on that list,
you'll have a hard time even getting through to someone (in the US)
who acknowledges that their company actually MAKES LCDs.

Re: 2-4 inch Color LCD's
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If you buy them in the quantities that Nintendo buys them for Gameboys,
you'll get the price Nintendo gets, which is probably even lower than

If you buy them in small quantities, you'll pay a large amount.

That's just standard market economics.  There's nothing unexpected
going on.

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