12.288 MHZ synthesis

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Hi Group

I am designing a frequency synthesizer that produces a 12.288 MHz clock from
a 8 kHz input clock.

I was thinking about using a 74HC4046A VCO/PLL in combination with at
74HC4059 divider, but I'm not too happy about it. For one thing I only have
a 3V power supply, and the 4046A requires 3.0V to function. Another thing is
that at 3.0 V, the 12.288 MHz is rather close to the upper frequency limit.

Have any of you guys a better suggestion?

Best regards

Re: 12.288 MHZ synthesis
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Since you didn't include any of the requirements other than input and output
center f, I'll throw out a suggestion: use a 12.288MHz VCXO that runs at 3V.
Of course, you only get maybe +-100ppm pull range, but you didn't specify it

good luck,

Re: 12.288 MHZ synthesis
Kresten Nrgaard schrieb in Nachricht
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Why not use a pll clock synthesizer IC? For example Maxim and others build
them. Ways simpler and smaller too!

regards -

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days on my homepage...


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