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      Driver Alta Velocidad DG191BP Quad Serial 8 BIT DACS MAX509
      CMOS Dual SPST Analog Switch DG200CJ Quad Serial 8 BIT DACS 2 REF.
      CMOS Dual SPST Analog Switch DG201CJ MAX513CPD MAX513
      Quad N.O. CMOS Analog Switch DG202 Octal 8 BIT Serial DAC MAX528
      Quad CMOS SPST Analog Switch DG211 5V Low Power Voltage Output MAX530
      Quad N.O. CMOS Analog Switch DG212 MAX531BCPD MAX531
      Quad N.O. CMOS Analog Switch DG212BDJ Complete Dual 12 BIT Serial
Input MAX532
      Dual spst TTL Comp. CMOS Anag. Sw. DG301CJ Quad Serial Vol=5V / 12V /
15V MAX536
      Dual SPST CMOS Analog Switch DG303 Quad Serial Vol+5V - 12 BIT DAC
      Quad SPST Analog Switches DG308 CMOS 12 BIT Serial Multiplying MAX543
      Dual SPST CMOS Analog Switch DG390 8 BIT 1 Channel Volt.-Out MAX548
      Switches With Drivers 2 x DPST DG403DJ MAX563CPN MAX563
      8 Chan./AC/1 Differ. Multir. DG408 AC-DC Regulator 8V RMS-5V DC MAX612
      SPST CMOS Analog Switch DG418 Quad High-Size Mosfet Drivers MAX620
      Low Resist. CMOS Analog S DG421 MOSFET Drivers W-Int. Capacity MAX621
      Low On Res. CMOS Analog Switch DG423 Dual Power MOSFET Driver MAX626
      Low On Res. CMOS Analog Switch DG425 CMOS F/A Output Step-Up SR.
      Switches With Drivers 4 x SPST DG441 5V/Ajustable Output Inver MAX635
      16 Channels Amalog Multiplier DG506 12V/Ajustable Output CMOS MAX636
      8 Channels Diffential Analog MUX DG508 +5V/Ajustable Output CMOS
      8 Channels Diffential Analog MUX DG508ACJ 5V/Ajustable HE DC-DC
Converter MAX639
      0.1 Hz - 25 MHz Dit MAX038 5V/Ajustable Output 100W CMOS MAX641
      500 KSPS - 12 BIT ADC MAX120 Step-Up Switch Regulator Contr.
      A/D Converter MAX121 3.3/Ajustable Low IQ-DC-DC MAX651
      3 ½ Digit A/D Converter MAX130 3V/Ajustable Low IQ-DC-DC  MAX652
      3 ½ Digit A/D Converter MAX138 CMOS Monolithic Volt. Converter MAX660
      3 ½ Digit A/D Converter MAX139 CMOS -5V/Ajustable Micropower MAX664
      1 MSPS - 8 BIT ADC MAX153 100mA +8V CMOS V-Conv. 1-5V -8V MAX665
      High Speed 8 BIT ADC W9 MAX155 CMOS ±5V/Ajustable Volt. Reg/Bat.
      CMOS 20Vs 8 BIT A/D Converter MAX158 +5V/Ajustable Low Dropov MAX667
      CMOS 12 BIT ADC MAX162 +5V Precision MAX675
      CMOS 12 BIT ADC T/H MAX163 +5V To ±10V Switched MAX680
      6VS - 8 BIT T/H +REF + Diff. INP MAX166 3V Up Supervisor MAX690
      100 KSPS CMOS 12 BIT ADC MAX167 Up Supervisory Circuit 4.65V MAX691
      CMOS 12 BIT ADC MAX172 Up Supervisory Circuit 4.4V MAX692
      CMOS 10 BIT ADC With T/H MAX177 Up Supervisory Circuit 4.4V MAX693
      Calibrated 12 BIT A/D T/H MAX178 Microprocessor Watchdog MAX695
      8 / 6 Channels 12 BIT D.A.S. MAX180 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit
      8 Channels 12 BIT ADC MAX186 3V Low Cost Up Supervisory MAX704
      Low Power 12 BIT ADC (8 PIM) MAX187 Reset With Watchdog MAX705
      8 Channles 130 KSPS 12 BIT MAX188 Reset With Watchdog MAX707
      Max. 199 BCNI MAX199 Reset With Power-Fail Warning MAX708
      5 V - 12 V Dual RS 232 MAX201 Power Supply Monitor MAX709
      5 V Powered Dual RS232 MAX202 Battery Fast-Charger (NiMh) MAX712
      Comparator 5 Pow. Dual RS 232 MAX203 3 Output Battery Fast MAX713
      5 V Powered Dual RS232 MAX206 5A SID PWM DC-DC Converter MAX724
      5 V Dual RS232 DIR MAX220 +15C Step Up Current Mode PWM MAX733
      High Speed 5 V Power Dual MAX222 Pin-Programmed Low-Voltage MAX741
      5 V - 12 V Powered Dual RS232 MAX231 Dual Output Switched Mode MAX743
      5 V Powered Dual RS232 MAX232 High Effiency PWN Step-Down MAX746
      5 V D/R RS232 MAX232E Digitally Ajustable LCD Bias MAX749
      5 V Powered RS232 MAX232ECPE Ajustable Step-Down PWN DC-DC MAX750
      No Ext. Comp. 5 V RS232 MAX233 3.3V/5V Low Iq. Step-Up DC-DC MAX756
      Pow. Multichan. RS232 Driver/Reciv. MAX234 Ajustable H.E Step-Up DC-DC
      5 V D/R RS232 MAX235 Ajustable Step-Dpwn PWN DC-DC MAX758
      5 V D/R RS232 MAX236 12V/Ajustable Low Iq. Step-Up MAX761
      5 V D/R RS232 MAX237 15V/Ajustable High Efficiency MAX762
      5 V Pow. 4RS232 Transistor MAX238 3.3V Step-Down PWN DC-DC Conv.
      5 V - 12 V 3RS232 Trans+5RS MAX239 -5V/Ajustable High-Ext. Low-Iq.
      High Speed +5 V RS232 MAX242 -12V/Ajustable High Effici. Low Iq.
      5 V Dual RS232 Transceiver MAX252 -15V/Ajustable High Effici. Low Iq.
      Pin Prog. Universal Switched-Capac. MAX263 5V/Ajustable Low Iq.
Step-Up MAX770
      Prog. Bandpass Switched-Capac. MAX267 12V/Ajustable Low Iq. Step-Up
      Digitally Prog. Dual MAX270 5V/12V/15V/Ajustable Low Iq. MAX773
      8Th Order Continuos MAX274 -5V/Ajustable Low Iq. Inverter MAX774
      LTC 1062 Order Zero-er MAX280 1V- Input 5V-Output Step-Up MAX777
      0,8 Clock Tunable 100 Lowpass Filter MAX292 1V-Input 3V/3.3V-Output
      8Th Order Elipt. C.T. 100 Lowpass Filt. MAX294 1V Input Ajustable
Output Step - Up MAX779
      8Th Order C.T. 50 MAX295 Tem. C PKG.5 TO-220 MAX787
      8Th Order 50:1 Lowpass Filter MAX296 Up Supervisory Circuit With 4.62V
      TTL Comp. CMOS Analog Switch MAX303 Up Supervisory Circuit With 4.62V
      16 Channels/2x8 Channel Analog MX MAX306 Up Supervisory Circuit With
      Quad SPST Analog Swith MAX308 Up Supervisory Circuit With 4.65V MAX802
      Dual 4 Channels CMOS Analog Mul. MAX309 Up Supervisory Circuit 4.65V
Reset MAX805
      CMOS RF/Video Multipleyers MAX310 Low Cost Up Supervisory Circuit
      SPDT CMOS Analog Switch MAX319 Step-Up DC-DC Converter MAX856CSA
      Quad SPDT CMOS Analog Switch MAX325 Step-Up DC-DC Converter MAX857
      Quad SPDT CMOS Analog Switch MAX333 Step-Up DC-DC Converter MAX858
      Serial 8xSPST Analog Switch MAX335 Step-Up DC-DC Converter MAX859
      Precision Quad SPST Analog Switch MAX353 3V/3.3V Output -1.8 To 6V
Input MAX877
      Protected Analog MX MAX358CPE 3V/3.3V Output -1.8 To 6V Input MAX878
      Precision Quad SPST Analog Switch MAX361 Ajustable Output 1.8V-6V
Input MAX879
      Precision Quad SPST Analog Switch MAX364 High-Speed Clocked
D-Flip-Flop MAX905
      8 Channels Latched Multipleyers MAX368 40ns Low-Power Single MAX907
      HV Fault-PRPT Analog Multipleyers MAX378 Quad 40ns Low-Power
Single/Dual MAX908
      Ultra Low Offset Operational Amplifier MAX400 Dual Ultra High Speed
Low Power MAX912
      Video Operational Amplifier MAX404 Master Slave Ultra High Speed
      Precision Video Buffer MAX405 Dual Master/Slave MAX916
      Quad 28 MHz Low Noise MAX414 Ultra Low-Power 1.18V Ref. MAX921
      Precision MiniDIP Analog Switch MAX418 Dual Ultra Low-Power MAX923
      ±15V Chopper Stabilized MAX420 Quad Ultra Low-Power 1.18V MAX924
      250 MHz Wideband Trans. Amp. MAX435 MAX934CPE MAX934
      250 MHz Wideband Trans. Amp. MAX436 3V And 5V 75ns Rail-to-Rail MAX941
      8 Channels Video MX/Ampl. MAX440 Dual 3V And 5V 75ns Rail-to-Rail
      2 Channels 50 MHz Video Multipleyer MAX453 Quad 3V And 5V 75ns
Rail-to-Rail MAX944
      V. Multiamplifier 4 Channels MAX454 MAX1044CPA MAX1044
      8 Channels 50 MHz Video MAX455 Microprocessor Mon. Ajust. +4.5V
      8x8 Crosspoint Video Switch MAX456 18 BIT Multichannel ADC MAX1400
      Dual 70 MHz Video Amplifier MAX457 Comp. 2.5 Mpps 150L RS485 MAX1480
      8x4 - 100MHz Video Crosspoint MAX458 RS485 Transceiver MAX1483
      4x4 - 100MHz Video Crosspoint MAX459 Line Drivers RS232 MAX1488
      100Mhz Triple RGB Video Switch MAX463 Line Receiver RS232 MAX1489
      100Mhz Quad RGB Video Switch MAX464 Isol. RS485/RS422 Interface
      10Mhz Quad RGB AV=2 V/V Buffer MAX466 RS485/RS422 Tranceiver
      100Mhz Triple RGB Video Buffer MAX467 RS485/RS422 Tranceiver MAX3089
      100Mhz Quad Video Buffer MAX470 RS422 Tranceiver MAX3222
      L.P. Current S. Amp. W/ISR MAX471 3V Dual RS232 Tranceiver MAX3232
      L.P. Current Sense Amp. MAX472 PC/AT Single GHIP M.S. Cont. MAX6160
      MAX473CPA MAX473 Aut. Rev. Eject. Plung. Driver MAX6304
      Slew-Rate Limited 350US RS485 MAX483 Dual CMOS Switch Debouncer
      500UA RS485 Transceiver MAX485 2A 3V Step-Down PWN MAX7219
      Slew-Rated Limited 350 MA RS485 MAX487 Cmos Doble-Buffered 8 BIT DAC
      Slew-Rated Limited RS485 Trans. MAX488 Microprocessor Voltage Monitor
      Slew-Rated Limited 350UA MAX489 Five Universal Voltage Monitor MAX8213
      500MA-Duplex RS485 Transceiver MAX490 ±5V, ±12V Voltage Monitor
      RS485/RS422 Transceiver MAX491 ±5V, ±15V Voltage Monitor MAX8216
      CMOS Quad 8 BIT A/D Converter MAX500 Dual Ultra Fast ECL MAX9687
      Voltage Output 12 BIT 8+4 Int. MAX501 MX566AJN MX566
      Voltage Quad 12 BIT Multi. 12 BIT MAX502 Complete Dual 12 BIT Multiply
      CMOS +5V Quad 8 BIT A/D MAX506 Complete Dual 12 BIT DAC MX7847
      Voltage Output 12 BIT DAC MAX508

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