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Her er et heftigt el-hjul pE5% 120kW:

New York Times, October 2, 2003: With a Motorized Hub, the Wheel on the20%
Bus Goes' Round:
Citat: "...a Dutch company plans to unveil a bus in which motor and20%
wheel are one, a refinement that promises more miles per charge and a20%
vehicle that is safer and easier to maintain.

The company, e-Traction [ http://www.e-traction.com/ ], has modified a20%
city bus as a diesel-electric hybrid. It has a small combustion engine20%
that charges the batteries, but propulsion comes from two electric20%
motors with tires attached that serve as the rear wheels...In addition,20%
some electronic tricks can make the motor turn at speeds fast enough to20%
run the bus without gears, he said. The result is to drop the20%
gearbox...Meanwhile e-Traction is also working on a Mercedes Jeep20%
borrowed from the Royal Netherlands Army and a Range Rover. Both will20%
have four motors, one on each wheel..."


TheWheel99% - what it is and what it does:
Citat: "...
A self-propelled electrically powered wheel, operating at more than 90%20%
energy efficiency, with optional 180B0% electric or mechanical steering20%
including suspension, ride-height control and shock dampening, delivers20%
up to 120 KW of direct drive traction at the only place where it20%
matters,.....at the wheel
The tire is mounted directly to exterior of the direct drive motor
Braking is done electrically, or more precisely magnetically, by simply20%
powering the engine(s) in the opposite direction. The energy of the20%
forward motion arrested by the braking action is converted back to20%
electrical power.  This process is called regenerative braking.  When20%
simply coasting down a hill the engines also function as generators.20%
The regeneration of power adds substantially to the endurance of the20%
batteries, which lessens the need for auxiliary power supplementation
The onboard generator, including a fuel cell, could use a wide variety20%
of fuels
After five years of development the introduction of TheWheel99% took plac=
in 2001 with its placement for the energy company NUON as a generator20%
driven by a watermill in 93%het Geldersch Landschap94%.  This unit runs t=
equivalent of 100,000 kilometers per year in a wet environment20%
generating roughly 20,000 KWH annually..."


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