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Re: Solcellepaneler [lidt om opdagelser;-)]

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Hej Maria

Ja, hvis man har en stE6%rk idE9% om at det burde virke.


Det hjE6%lper ogsE5% at anskue "mE6%rkelige" virkninger fra alle (brugbar=
vinkler - ogsE5% efter at det "formelle" eksperiment er udfF8%rt:

TE6%nk sig at stoppe et gitter ind mellem anoden og katoden?:
Citat: "...De Forest opfandt elektronrF8%ret af typen trioder i E5%r 1907=
De Forest sagde at han ikke vidste hvorfor det virkede, det virkede bare.=
Citat: "...I 1947 lavede Bell Laboratorie opdagerne nogle20%
overflademE5%linger pE5% et rent Germaniumkrystal, som er en halvleder, o=
opdagede, at to elektroder, med en indbyrdes afstand pE5% langt under en =

mm, havde en kraftig indbyrdes strF8%mindvirkning..."

The Story of Stainless Steel:
Citat: "...The inventor of stainless steel, Harry Brearley, was born in20%
England in 1871..After his research, he threw the samples in a junk20%
pile, and forgot about it. Several months passed, and Brearley noticed20%
that while most of the rejected specimens had rusted, one had not. After =

thorough analyses, he found that the piece of steel that wasn't rusty20%
contained 14% chromium..."


Andre gange vil folk bare ikke vide af "opfindelsen", hvis det ikke20%
passer med lommefilosofien:

Fernando Nottebohm:
Citat: "...Mammal brains never grow new neurons after birth? We're given =

a set number of brain cells, and we can only kill them but not make new20%
ones? After twenty years as a ridiculed minority, Nottebohm's work with20%
songbird brains was finally taken seriously, and the biologists of today =

now recognize that the age-old dogma was wrong: brains DO regenerate20%
neurons after all. The information has not yet reached most of the20%
biological community, nor the general public..."

Wright bros (flying machines):
Citat: "...After their Kitty Hawk success, The Wrights flew their20%
machine in open fields next to a busy rail line in Dayton Ohio for20%
almost an entire year. American authorities refused to come to the20%
demos, and Scientific American Magazine published stories about "The20%
Lying Brothers." Even the local Dayton newspapers never sent a reporter20%
(but they did complain about all the letters they were receiving from20%
local "crazies" who reported the many flights.) Finally the Wrights20%
packed up and moved to Europe, where they caused an overnight sensation20%
and sold aircraft contracts to France, Germany, Britain, etc..."


Re: Solcellepaneler [lidt mere om opdagelser og erkendelser;-)]

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Hej Maria

Her er lidt mere om opdagelser og erkendelser:

Jef Raskin: Coanda Effect: Understanding Why Wings Work:
Citat: "...
But, even as a child, I found that it presented me with a puzzle: how20%
can a plane fly inverted (upside down). When I pressed my 6th grade20%
science teacher on this question, he just got mad, denied that planes20%
could fly inverted and tried to continue his lecture.
In the next few sections we look at attempts to explain two related20%
phenomena--what makes a spinning ball curve and how a wing's shape20%
influences lift--and see how the common explanation of lift has led a20%
surprising number of scientists (including some famous ones) astray.
It has been noted that "progress in science comes when experiments20%
contradict theory" [Gleick 1992] although in this case the science has20%
been long known, and the experiment contradicts not aerodynamic theory,20%
but the often-taught common interpretation.

Bumblebees finally cleared for takeoff: Insect flight obeys aerodynamic20%
rules, Cornell physicist proves:
Citat: "..."Rapid oscillations pose one of the most difficult questions20%
for fluid dynamics," Wang said. "Things become very messy."..."


Re: Solcellepaneler
Webpoint skrev i en meddelelse:
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I sidste måneds Elektor blad er der en konstruktion der er opbygget omkring
en MAX1771 en FET og så det løse,
der netop er en solcelleoplader, godt nok er konstruktionen til min. 8
solceller og beregnet for 12 volt batteri.

Men kunne sagten give inspiration til et lettere ændret version.

Gert K.

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