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Er der andre steder Raspberry PI kan købes indenfor EU?:

Raspberry PI:


£25.92(£21.60 exc. VAT):


Re: Raspberry PI
Hej Glenn

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Har du set på
http://raspberrypi.dk/forum/forum/k%c3%b8b-og-salg /

Mvh Max

Re: Raspberry PI

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Du finder den nok ikke meget billigere.

Jeg venter på OLinuXino http://olimex.wordpress.com/tag/a13/ den
koster lidt mere, men er ikke så begrænset som Raspi.
OV1A Jens

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Re: Raspberry PI

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Købte min hos farnell.dk. Kom i fredags efter kun 1 uge.

Re: Raspberry PI

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Øv. Jeg bestilte min for 10 uger siden, med 12 ugers leveringstid, og jeg
har lige gået mail om at leveringsdatoen er forsinket et par uger.
Hvad f... sker der?

"Dear customer,

      Thanks again for your Raspberry Pi order, reference number 101013xxxx.
We are busy working with the suppliers who provide components for your
Raspberry Pi to ensure you receive your order as quickly as possible.

      Since receiving your order, we have been advised that our next batch
of approximately 40,000 Raspberry Pi's will now be arriving during
September, with further deliveries expected in October. This delay is due to
the very high level of demand on the core Raspberry Pi processor chip.
Unfortunately, this means that your order could be delayed by up to 4 weeks,
although we are trying to reduce this as much as possible. We have updated
the delivery schedule displayed in our FAQ's and on the Raspberry Pi forum.
As soon as we receive confirmation of any improvements from our
manufacturers, we will advise you.

      Please accept our apologies for this delay and be assured we are doing
everything we can to ensure the fastest possible delivery of your Raspberry

      Yours sincerely,

      RS Components & Allied Electronics


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