Endelig: En offentlig elektronik konkurre nce med et højt mål

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(Svar til dk.teknik.elektronik )

26. jul 2014, Google vil give en million dollar til opfinderen af en  
lille vekselretter.


Det bliver interessant:
Nogle af kravene:
Citat: "...
* Must be able to handle up to 2 kVA loads
* Must be in a rectangular metal enclosure of no more than 40 in^3
* Will be taking in 450 V DC power in series with a 10 ? resistor
* Must output 240 V, 60 Hz AC single phase power
* Must have a total harmonic distortion + noise on both voltage and  
current of < 5%
* Must have a DC-AC efficiency of greater than 95%

Mon Google vil anvende dem til at drive deres PCere via solceller?


Re: Endelig: En offentlig elektronik konkurrence med et højt mål
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Quoted text here. Click to load it

snakkede om at springe ensretter og ladelyt og power factor dims over, og  

Ulrik Smed

Re: Endelig: En offentlig elektronik konk urrence med et h?jt m?l
On 26/07/14 20.46, Ulrik Smed wrote:


Der allerede lavet innovation i denne retning - det er blot ikke bredt  

adskillige Synergetics Partnere har lavet en inverter modulationsteori,  
som er eksceptionel. F.eks. kan alle harmoniske op til ca. 22.  
harmoniske af 50 eller 60 Hz udfases via et specielt timing-design af  

anvendes til elbiler og AC elektromotorstyring incl. BLDC:

Magic Sinewaves: An Executive Summary:
Citat: "...
Proper system design will require low pass filtering of these higher  
order harmonics. Compared to other digital sinewave generation methods,  
these unwanted harmonics are quite high in frequency and thus should be  
fairly easy to deal with. As before, real world quantization will  
increase the zero intermediate odd harmonics to finite but acceptably  
low real values.
Until some recent considerable serendipity requiring exceptionally  
tedious brute force methods ( involving over a decade of research ),  
there was not the slightest hint that any solutions at all existed for  
the above equations. Let alone ones highly useful for power quality and  
energy efficiency. Hence the believed uniqueness and originality of the  
Magic Sinewave approach. I presently believe that no closed form method  
of solving the above equations is currently known. Nor is any likely to  
even exist. Instead, an iterative standard tool related to Newton?s  
Method can be used. One that otherwise is crudely known as "shake the box".
A group of highly sophisticated JavaScript Magic Sinewave calculators  
are now available and have been posted to
[ nu: http://www.tinaja.com/magsn01.shtml ]
With solutions presently offered as high as 384 zeroed low harmonics.

A solution set for the above equations would be...

"Magic sinewaves" are repeating long sequences of ones and zeros. [i  
retning af PWM] They can get created from ordinary but extremely  
carefully chosen digitally switched pulses. Se f.eks.:

Introduction to Magic Sinewaves (pdf):

Three Phase Magic Sinewaves (pdf):

Magic Sinewave Demo Hardware! (pdf):

Steplocked Magic Sinewave Synthesis (pdf):

Don Lancaster', Synergetics og adskillige Synergetics Partnere har lavet  

harmoniske af 50 eller 60 Hz.


Jul 1, 2008 Inverter Design Shines in Photovoltaic Systems | Renewable  
Energy Applications:
Citat: "...
A proposed photovoltaic current-source grid- connected inverter has  
small volume, low total harmonic distortion, high power factor and  
simple control, and also simplifies photovoltaic system design.

Jun. 19, 2013, SiC MOSFETs Enable Next-Generation Solar Inverters:


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