Blyfri loddetin

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De nye typer loddetin omtaltes af og til i gruppen, og der forskes i
problemerne, se her..

Last year, for example, NASA engineers testing parts for the space
shuttle Endeavour discovered that millions of tin whiskers were causing
an electronic box to inaccurately point the shuttle's engine, knocking
the rocket's trajectory off-kilter, according to Henning Leidecker,
chief engineer of the electronic parts office of NASA's Goddard and a
tin whisker expert.

It turns out NASA had approved the pure-tin-coated clamps used for
holding circuit boards in place back when the electronics were made in
the 1980s, before NASA adopted its current rule requiring a small amount
of lead in its tin coatings.

"These whiskers have the potential to destroy missions," Leidecker said.


At least 10 other satellite failures have been blamed on tin whiskers,
according to the NASA database.


Hele kilden er god læsning, og skal man ikke lave produktion, men
rep./fusk på vintage grej, så vil et lille lager af fortidens gode
loddetin være gavnligt (.. gi'r også smuk blank lodning  ;-)

Venlig hilsen

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