an answer for those fiddly little micro USB connectors

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Awhile ago I complained about the USB micro connector that my tablet
uses to charge, since it's a pain in the ass to align (at my age) and
easy to destroy the tablet's jack.

Well it seems there's a solution for it:  

Magnetic Type-C Micro USB Fast Charging Cable.

They aren't cheap, $7 each from a US supplier on EBAY, $4 from China,
but may just be the answer I was looking for.  I got one and am
testing it now...  

You plug the magnetic adapter into the micro USB port on the tablet,
then the type C connector is sucked on to the tablet.  One con so far
is that it can be pulled loose accidentally; BUT you can plug it in
blindfolded, and it doesn't strain the tablet's female micro port!

My tablet has a full charge so I can't really see how it does, but
with the tablet on it is supplying .6 amps through the connector (1.9
is as high as it ever gets with a low battery)  Cable length looks to
be about six feet.

Fingers crossed.....

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