Tesla, again

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I like my Chevy* Volt a lot, it's probably made by normal working stiffs  
like me who work normal hours under a fairly pleasant boss in Detroit,  
they probably even can take days off from time to time vs. a mad robot  
man with a digital facsimile of Joseph Stalin's brain implanted in his  
head, with a flamethrower

*no other financial association or interests to disclose

Re: Tesla, again
bitrex wrote...
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 Do you mostly charge your Volt from the AC power line,
 or from its gas engine?  I park my Prius on the street
 and so far there's no high-current AC outlet at work,
 so it's easier to just charge it with its gas engine.

    - Win

Re: Tesla, again
On 06/28/2018 05:45 PM, Winfield Hill wrote:
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Power line, the basic "charging infrastructure" you get
with a purchase is a cable in a compartment in the back that
you can just plug into the car on one end and a 120 volt outlet on the  
other. On the dash display you can select 12 amp charging or 8 for older  
wiring systems, either way it'll take overnight to fully charge that way.

A full charge overnight at my overnight off-peak electric rate is around  
50 cents or so. It also does Level 2 charging off 220 volt 40 amp  
chargers like the ChargePoint ones around, those are usually rated for  
6.6 kW per port but the Volt's internal charging circuit tops out at  
around 3.8kW. It'll fully charge up in around 3.5-4 hours depending on  
season off that.

In summer a full charge is good for about 70 miles of range in 35-50 mph  
driving, in winter in New England it drops significantly you only get  
maybe 40 on a good day.

The best way to charge it up fast is coasting down Mt. Washington in low  
gear, it'll charge up to half full in about 15 minutes that way,  
unfortunately not every destination is at the bottom of Mt. Washington.

You can charge the Volt's battery with the gas engine too but I almost  
never use that feature - what's the point in doing that with a series  
hybrid? You just lose energy in the conversion from fuel to generator to  
battery and back out to the motors, it's more efficient just to burn the  
gas and have the engine spin the generator and send the power directly  
to the wheels which is how the drivetrain works all the time when the  
battery is depleted.

The Volt is a true "split personality", the gas engine drops out of the  
picture entirely in "EV" mode and you can take it up to the limited top  
speed of ~100 mph on electric power alone.

Re: Tesla, again
fredag den 29. juni 2018 kl. 00.48.22 UTC+2 skrev bitrex:
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speaking of electric, VW just brok the overall record on Pikes peak in an
electric car  


Re: Tesla, again
bitrex wrote:
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Quote from the replies:


37 minutes ago

On Mars. It's totally happening next year, promise.  

My first laugh today :-)

Sometimes I think Musk is losing it,
but SpaceX still seems to be going strong.

His solar-city works not so much.

Re: Tesla, again
On 06/29/2018 03:48 AM, snipped-for-privacy@nospam.org wrote:
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The list of comments has grown so I can't find it immediately, but I  
liked the one where it's noticed he runs Tesla like a 1 year old tech  
startup seeking Series A funding but it's a 15 year old company with a  
$50 billion market cap.

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