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Looks like a big chunk of the semiconductor industry becoming a  
Matryoshka doll has been averted for the time being.

Intel buying Broadcom buying Qualcomm buying NXP buying Freescale buying...

Re: Qualcomm
Den tirsdag den 13. marts 2018 kl. 18.51.29 UTC+1 skrev bitrex:
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afaiu Broadcom trying to take over Qualcomm was blocked for "national security concerns"  

Re: Qualcomm

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IMO, this was a very good decision by The Donald.

-- Kevin Aylward
http://www.anasoft.co.uk - SuperSpice

Re: Qualcomm
On Tue, 13 Mar 2018 19:50:31 +0000, Kevin Aylward wrote:

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Just one of many thus far.

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Re: Qualcomm
On Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 11:59:11 AM UTC+11, Cursitor Doom wrote:
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Cursitor Doom is trying to usurp Jim-out-of-touch-with-reality-Thompson fro
m his role as the leading peddler of self-serving delusions around here.

Trump has made remarkably few decisions that have actually had any effect -
 he's remarkably ineffective as US presidents go - and none of them qualify
 as "very good" by any objective test. A few of them may be seen as panderi
ng to Trump's deplorable support base, who are consequently inordinately ch
uffed by them, but that's the hallmark of a rather poor decision.

Bill Sloman, Sydney

Re: Qualcomm
On 03/13/2018 03:50 PM, Kevin Aylward wrote:

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I don't know if HL Mencken wrote anything like this, but it sounds like  
something he would've written, maybe: "An American will accolade and  
praise a nincompoop who on one spectacular occasion makes a correct  
decision, with the very same fervor and vigor that he curses and  
condemns an expert who makes the correct decision in all cases except  
the one occasion he spectacularly slips up."

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