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Hello everyone I hope you are having a good day. I had three questions that
 correspond to the 3 sections of the schematic shown below.
Question 1.)  There is a piezoelectric buzzer that is shown below that gets
 connected to a microcontroller through resistors R9 and R10.
Here is the part:
Usually on a beeper I would just apply power and the device would make a so
und. Here is looks they are driving each end of the buzzer separately.  Wou
ld it be possible to just ground one side and toggle power to the other sid
e? Thanks for any thoughts on this.
Question 2.) Here I am not seeing how Q2.A is effecting Q14.B. To me it see
ms the path from the 5.0V rail to R12 to R46 is independent of Q2.A how it  
is currently shown.
Question 3.)  
  A.) This section here is supposed to be the "LED Drive" driving some LEDs
.    If you look at Q3.B when this gets turned on all this does is pull the
 5.0V through the 270 ohm resistor to ground.  What am I missing here?  Thi
s seems to serve no purpose.
   B.)  If you then take a look at Q3.A this FET also seems to serve no pur
pose.  The 5.0V to R17 then goes directly to R59 and R60.  These connection
s then go out to the LEDs.  There is no path to ground through the FET Q3.A
.  Just trying to do a sanity check here.

You might need to zoom in on the image.



Re: MOSFET Question (Buzzer, Motor Drive, LED Driver) - Advice.
On Tuesday, 17 May 2016 16:16:07 UTC+1,  wrote:

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Sure, but the piezo only sees half as much voltage then

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I'm not either cos I can't see the circuit diagram. Post it somewhere more sensible.


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