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Re: LS/HCT/etc. logic familes
On Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 4:18:52 PM UTC+2, bitrex wrote:
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The Silicon Labs EFM series has build in boot loader over UART, precise oscillator at 29MHz (how they came up with that frequency up I don't know), precise reference, reset controller etc.

It does not have 12V supply, but you can drive it from anything from 2V to 5V, which is also seen in many other controllers. And then it's cheap

It's funny that 2 CD4000 IC's with mayby 100 transistors cost the same as a microcontroller with tens of thousands of transistors



Re: LS/HCT/etc. logic familes
bitrex wrote on 7/12/2017 10:18 AM:
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This is still overkill because of the need for programming.  What does that  
require and how many of the pins?

I think it was five SSI/MSI devices in very small packages (DFN I believe)  
was pretty compact and did the job.  There was no requirement for  
programmability as it was just an SPI port controlled by another CPU on  
another board.  I don't recall the reason for not using an SPI port  
expander, but it may have been that the SSI/MSI parts were already  
inventoried.  Why add a new part to the company stores?


Rick C

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