looking for schematic of Fujion F-1000 RDF

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I apologize for the wrong group. This should be on s.e.repair but my
local ISP doesn't support Usenet anymore and aioe.org tells me I'm banned
from posting there. WTF!? I have no idea of the reason.
I'm also open to suggestions on better servers.

Anyway, does anyone have a schematic for this receiver? I couldn't find
anything on the net about it except a few photos.

Got this little receiver at a flea market. It seemed mostly working, but
audio at maximum level was barely audible and heavily distorted.
Once brought home it showed traces of previous repairs (or attempts).
It turned out there was an open transistor in the audio amp stage, a
burnt resistor and two bulged capacitors. Now it works on all bands but
the VHF one, so a schematic would help to find the problem.


Re: looking for schematic of Fujion F-1000 RDF
responding to
I know, it's been a long time since your post, but did you find the schematic or
pictures of the interior?
I bought the same radio, and someone tampered with board wiring.
Many thanks.

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