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Re: iPhone SE ??
On 7/11/2017 12:19 PM, Jim Thompson wrote:
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Before you get a cell phone consider what Dr Devra Davis has to say  
about them:


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Re: iPhone SE ??
On 11/07/2017 20:19, Jim Thompson wrote:
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You're gonna pay extra $$$ for the name. Go Android as others have said...

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Re: iPhone SE ??
On Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 11:31:47 AM UTC+2, TTman wrote:
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is a book published in 1982. It mentions a coupe of companies that - at the
 time - could charge 50% more for their products than the competition could

Hewlett-Packard was one I rememeber, and IBM another. Apple now seems to be
 in the same happy position.

I've got a Samsung S4. When I bought it was about half the price of the S5,
 and - while not as good - was quite good enough to do the stuff I wanted a
s well as I needed it done. My wife gets her mobile phone from her employer
, and she's now got an S5, but she's happy to nick mine to do something hi-
tech if the S5 is out out of reach. The camera isn't as good, but if my wif
e wants to take photos she's got a proper - if compact - camera. A Lumix so
mething or other with image stabilisation, and a zoom lens ...

Bill Sloman, Sydney

Re: iPhone SE ??

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Had mine for a year now - great phone. No problems to date. Good size.


Re: iPhone SE ??
On 7/11/17 12:19 PM, Jim Thompson wrote:
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Lot of apps for Android that are not available on iOS.

Yeah, the problem of size creep on phones is rather annoying. I'd look  
at getting a Moto G5 Plus with a 5.2" screen, it's a good compromise and  
a lot smaller than the 5.5", 5.7", 5.8", and 6.2" screen phones, though  
larger than the iPhone SE. The G5 often goes on sale at Fry's, Amazon,  
B&H, and Costco. Unlocked to work on all four U.S. carriers and their  
MVNOs. I'd only buy quad-carrier unlocked phones at this time (and note  
that the iPhones sold direct from Apple in the U.S. meet this criteria,  
but if you buy the current generation iPhone from a GSM carrier (AT&T or  
T-Mobile) it will not have the CDMA radio needed for Verizon and  
Sprint)). The flagship phones from LG (G6) and Samsung (S8/S8+) and  
Google (Pixel) also are also available quad-carrier unlocked.

I never knew how much more capable Android was until I was trying to put  
some apps on my wife's iPhone from work, and it became clear that such  
apps were not available because of iOS limitations.

Re: iPhone SE ??
On Wed, 12 Jul 2017 12:34:16 -0700, the renowned sms

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What apps in particular are you talking about? I have not run into any
deficiences with the phone, the iPad is a bit more irritating because
the more computer-like interface leads one to try to do computer
things with it, like edit Word documents. I can do that but it wasn't
free and isn't a perfect emulation.  


Best regards,  
Spehro Pefhany

Re: iPhone SE ??
On 7/13/17 3:29 AM, Spehro Pefhany wrote:
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One is Torque Pro. The issue is that iOS doesn't support the necessary  
Bluetooth protocol (SPP) needed for the ELM327 OBD-II modules. While  
there are more expensive Wi-Fi ELM327 modules, but there aren't any  
equivalent apps to Torque Pro. It's not clear why Apple decided to not  
include SPP (Serial Port Protocol) in iOS, but it appears to be related  
to licensing issues and royalties for their alternative, "MFi is only  
relevant to Classic Bluetooth data connections to / from iOS devices,  
where you need to use Apple's iAP protocol, be a MFi licensee, use an  
external Apple Authentication IC and pay a royalty to Apple."

Another one is GPS satellite trackers. This is something I use at work  
for our IOT devices. In iOS you can't read NMEA data so you can't see  
which satellites the GPS is connecting to. It's not clear why Apple  
decided to not include NMEA data access.

Another one is SMS forwarding. When traveling outside the U.S., with a  
foreign prepaid SIM it's useful to forward text messages to a foreign  
phone number or to a Google Voice number, from a phone you leave at  
home. Apple doesn't allow SMS forwarding apps. The workaround is to get  
a cheap Android phone to leave behind, stick in the domestic SIM card,  
and set up a text forwarding app on it. In this case, it is clear why  
Apple doesn't allow SMS forwarding, they are concerned about security  
and viruses, i.e. what if a virus started forwarding bank verification  
codes to a third party.

What the iPad needs is what the Microsoft Surface, and Android tablets  
have--mouse support. I know that the iPad was never intended for stuff  
like spreadsheets and documents, but people like to use it for that, and  
have a Bluetooth keyboard for typing, but supporting a Bluetooth (or  
USB) pointing device, like Microsoft and Google do on their OSes, would  
be very welcome. Whenever this is mentioned, there are screams of "if  
you need a mouse, buy a Macbook," which are similar to the screams of  
"buy an iPad," when someone laments the lack of a touch screen Macbook.

Re: iPhone SE ??
On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 13:43:52 -0700, the renowned sms

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Fair enough for all those. I have Torque Pro on an Android tablet and
it's nice. Yes, the forwarding would be nice.  

MS Surface is tempting... if they could just cram a bit more SSD in
there without jacking up the price too much.  

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Best regards,  
Spehro Pefhany

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