HP L2335 1920x1200 monitor died (?) after 12 years, 1 year after static eletric discharge ...

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HP L2335 monitor 1920x1200 died after 12 years of usage, 1 year after it re
ceived a static electric discharge from my body/finger tip loaded by couche
 with static eletricity.

The power button of the monitor received the shock from my finger tips. I a
m surprised this monitor still managed to live for another year.

The power supply of the computer failed much sooner, also this PC power but
ton received a shock at that time.

I suspect the HP L2335 power supply has developed some kind of failure beca
use of over-voltage because of these high voltage static eletric discharges
 over time perhaps or perhaps that big one a year ago.

But there is more... I will get to the HDMI experiments in a moment...

The monitor HP L2335 cannot be opened, screwing off it's stand is easy, but
 I don't see a way to open up the display so I cannot investigate for any b
urn marks or whatever.

There was also some accumilated dust on the under-side/bottom-side of the d
evice where there seem to be some gates/holes for very modest airflow or so
. It's quite a thick device and I can see some heatsinks inside.

(Currently I am typing this with help of a fujitsu siemens monitor which a  
(knwon defunct :)) priest once bought for my mother which I kept through th
e years which kind belongs to an old athlon xp computer also from my parent
s but I never once used it inside my own appartment still have it though. I
t's resolution is 1280x1024, it has a little scratch cause I was careless t
ransporting it, though not to bad, it's colors are kind nice, and it can be
 angled which is very nice)

Anyway I will tell you the moment of failure:

1. First World of Warships updater was copieing a file inefficiently.

2. I finalled decided to de-install this piece of crap software cause it's  
taking way too long to update 35 GB... it's probably computing some kind of
 RSA key... I wonder if it was maybe done to check if my copy is "genuine"  
not modified or something probably not though... the download at 3.7 mb stu
ck at 47% which is also kinda weird. It was almost done though... but after
 many hours I decided it was enough. Time to say goodbye to at least this g
ame for a while.

3. So after deinstalling WOWS... I deinstalled some other crap.

4. Then I decided it's time for a defrag of the C: drive, which is the only
 drive I configured for not automatic defragging, though I am not sure if w
indows respect this setting but probably, I could vaguely see that last run
 was 2017.

5. 1% was defragmented it said after analysis... however this is a 2 terrab
yte drive so I am very skeptical. 1% of 2 TB is still 20 GB of fragmentatio
n which could still be a lot.

6. So I decided to defrag the system drive. (After 5 passes I think I notic
e my system a bit faster now, not sure will have to test later).

Anyway I go to sleep or walk away the monitor goes into standbye or somethi
ng... I try to power it on... and it fails to show a screen.

The symptom is now:


So it's receiving power... but the screen won't come on.

another symptom is:


So either:

1. The power button circuitry is somehow failing.

or probably much worse:

2. The power supply has developed some kind of failure.

But there is more:

I was also experimenting with HDMI cables. I bought one "cheaper" one from  
rainbow computers in my local city, still 13 euros, so not too cheap.

Did look like good build quality, produced in netherlands it's high speed,  
think and has "ethernet" too which I asked the salesmen about... but he cou
ld not tell me much about it... it's probably some kind of HDMI control fun
ction capability.

I attached this HDMI cable to my receiver and to a toshiba laptop, and also
 later to my DreamPC from 2006 to it's GT 520 hdmi port.

I re-enabled HDMI driver in Windows 7 updated it and such and continued to  

All while HP L2335 monitor was also connected to GT 520 asus graphics cards

I noticed a couple of odd things in this setup:

1. Default windows 7 would try to extend the screen size or it did somethin
g weird, where on the right side of the screen the cursor would drop off.

It's like the resolution became 1920x1080 from receiver HDMI or something..
. while actually/extended (?) size was 1920x1200.

I tried to reconfigure windows display options to only display on one devic
e, but then HDMI and audio stopped working.

The idea was to use HDMI audio via GT 520 to a/v denon 1909 receiver which  
is used for audio only... to speakers from gigaworks s750.

This setup worked, though the resolution/mouse issue was weird and not idea


That maybe somehow this FEEDBACK from the RECEIVER via HDMI to GT 520, may  
have OVERLOADED the HP L2335 which is using DVI.

What do you think ?

Is it possible that this setup somehow caused the HP L2335 to be overloaded
 with VOLTAGE from the ASUS graphics card GT 520 which is now using both DV
I and HDMI ?????

Now that I think about it... maybe this GT 520 was not designed to use both
 PORTS at the same time ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Maybe it did something weird causing the HP L2335 to receive OVER-VOLTAGE v
ia it's DVI interface/cable ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Another possibility is that the "heavy" defragging and copieing of WOWS cau
sed many tiny voltage fluctations finally causing the monitor to fail after
 heaving received a big shock a year ago, though this scenerio seems much l
ess likely since the HD is always busy anyway.

So I share this story with you in case using HDMI and DVI at the same time  
might cause some weird OVER-VOLTAGE issue ?!?!?!?!?

Also all experiments where done while all devices were on, except sometimes
 I did shutdown receiver just in case but PCs and laptops mostly kept runni
ng... too time-costly to shut those down for reconnect experiments.

Curious to hear from you guys if you have ever connected HDMI and DVI at th
e same time and if this caused any damage to monitors ?!

Let me be perfectly clear though:

The HP L2335 monitor does not have a HDMI port/interface, it was only conne
cted via DVI. HDMI was only connected from PC to Receiver.

Fortunately 1920x1200 monitors are not that expensive anymore... I hear sto
ries of 1920x1200 monitors for 100 or 200 bucks... I kinda look forward to  
buying some cheap/new... maybe it will be better... maybe better colors, ma
ybe better refresh latency... sub 12 ms maybe ? though I also have my doubt
s... since gt 520 not that powerfull low latency would not be too usefull f
or now.

Though this monitor 1280x1024 is kinda nice... maybe I will change my mind  
and keep it as main monitor for this PC but probably not... bigger monitor  
would probably be a bit more nice and I do plan to keep using this dreampc  
from 2006 till hopefully 2019 and buying maybe a chiplet based CPU or maybe
 I will have to buy a new one sooner if more equipment dies.  

I am glad my PC and drives are still functioning... the drives aren't too o
ld... just a couple of years... so they should be able to handle a defrag ;
) it was a bit risky... but ok... windows 7 or it's windows explorer also h
as some kind of bug... it cannot delete two files which appear to have zero
 size... this is kinda funny... I will try deleting it from ms-dos might wo

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this story somewhat and see you later alligator !
 ;) =D

  Skybuck Flying ! =D

Re: HP L2335 1920x1200 monitor died (?) after 12 years, 1 year after static eletric discharge and 3 days after HDMI experiment via GT 520.
snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com wrote in

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Do you also break every watch you ever owned?

Re: HP L2335 1920x1200 monitor died (?) after 12 years, 1 year after static eletric discharge and 3 days after HDMI experiment via GT 520.
It is more likely that your messing around with screen resolution and update rates has pushed the monitor into failure (probably close to worn out in advance)

Re: HP L2335 1920x1200 monitor died (?) after 12 years, 1 year after static eletric discharge and 3 days after HDMI experiment via GT 520.
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With CRTs yes, but LCDs ? I kinda doubt it.  

Re: HP L2335 1920x1200 monitor died (?) after 12 years, 1 year after static eletric discharge and 3 days after HDMI experiment via GT 520.
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I've read about this guy being all juiced up before.  

If the static zzap has anything to do with it then it must be protection di
odes at the keyboard. Other than that, he needs a humidifier.  

It probably just failed, period. Bulging caps ?  

Actually for troubleshooting purposes you need not change all the caps, jus
t one in a bank. Seriously, even if they have 4 - 4,700 uFs in parallel, if
 they are all bad just putting a 1,000 in will make it work. Ripple current
 will destroy it but it will work long enough to know nothing else its wron
g with it.  

Techs would be alot better off if they knew WHY the engineers choose the va
lues they chose. It is simply not that critical.

Re: HP L2335 1920x1200 monitor died (?) after 12 years, 1 year after static eletric discharge and 3 days after HDMI experiment via GT 520.
I think there is some merit to my hypothesis.

I just took another look at the a/v receiver and there seems to be a difference in hdmi ports.

It has 4.

3 are input, 1 is output/monitor.

I can briefly remember connecting the graphics card to the monitor port because I thought they might belong together which is kinda a natural assumption.

This a/v receiver hdmi output may have send back a signal to the graphics card... graphics card does not expect it... dumbs it somewhere... and this ends up in monitor somehow damaging it.

I will start a new thread about this expect hypothesis.

Cause now it's getting interesting. HDMI out vs HDMI in ports.

Something like that will be the title name.

Bye for now,

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