convert ExressPCB files to Gerber..

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   Is there a program or service to do this?
   I do not want to pay $128 for making ONE 8x1 inch PCB.


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Re: convert ExressPCB files to Gerber..
On Friday, March 29, 2019 at 2:44:30 AM UTC-4, Robert Baer wrote:
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I did a google search and immediately found two ways to convert ExpressPCB  
files to Gerber.  One requires you to pay $49 for a program and the other i
s $5 for single sided or $10 for double sided Gerber files.  Choose your po

But you realize you have to deal with this crap each time you want to make  
a change to the layout?  There are good layout packages that work as well i
f not better than captive software.  I've used FreePCB and it is capable an
d easy to use.  A lot of people use KiCAD which has a bit more learning cur
ve, but can't be all that hard to use as many are doing it.  


  Rick C.

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Re: convert ExressPCB files to Gerber.. wrote:
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   Like the $5 option.
   Unfortunately, the guy claims my PCB file is corrupt and/or incompatible.
   Worse it sees impossible to get an old version of the software (eg:  
ver7.1 May 2015).

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