Ambiq Apollo3 Cortex M4 board, 6 uA/MHz

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That's a pretty impressive number.  I believe it runs at 48 MHz.  Not many methods of reaching such a low power level for computing.  Even in the iCE40 FPGAs it might be hard to match that depending on the exact task.  

There's a $15 Sparkfun board (not shipping yet but they are
accepting preorders):

  - url:
  - 40x40 mm board, Ambiq Apollo3 Blue cpu, 6 uA/MHz supposedly
  - 48 mhz cpu with 96 mhz burst mode, whatever that means
  - 1MB of on-chip flash and 384K of ram, very large for an MCU
  - on-chip special processor for bluetooth, antenna also on board
  - 2 MEMS microphones and 3D accelerometer on board
  - Camera connector
  - CR2032 coin cell holder on the back of the board
  - Only 4 gpio pads on the board, but maybe some of those sensor
    inputs to the cpu could be repurposed.

I've got a board on order.  It will be interesting to code up a few simple apps to see how it rates with other low power devices.  First I'll have to port Forth to it.  

Rick C.  

Re: Ambiq Apollo3 Cortex M4 board, 6 uA/MHz wrote...
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 The "datasheet" is 909 pages long.  Lots to learn.

    - Win

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