SMD ident, bipolar chars, package types etc

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I notice that smd identification tools are disappearing from  
the web for one reason or another. are difficult

At the same time, basic transistor functional types remain  
difficult to search or compare, even as they become increasingly  
unobtainable due to part obsolescence.

For those interested, there are five excel spreadsheets covering  
work I've done in the past, compiling from various sources.

At present the markings include duplicates from differing sources that
haven't yet been weeded out - only about half way through this
on the mark-to-type list (the type-to-mark list is generated  
from the other on the file's name-date.

The bipolar listings, though far from complete (~64K lines),  
have various bogus part numbers (generated in error or mischief)
identified and removed.

See the Semiconductor Identification Tools links - they are  
direct downloads of the zipped spreadsheets.


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