Pre-1979 Nat Semi 4-pin sensor

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I have a 4-pin sensor with a Natioinal Semiconductor  logo and /831 on
the body.

The body has the loose appearance of an 8-pin IC that's been cut in
half, through the package center line (leaving pins 1-4 or 5-8) and
rounded off. Four flat IC-type leads on 0.1inch spacing,

It was used in a variable reluctance tachometer constructed prior to
1979 - if it were a hall sensor, it wouldn't have needed an air-core
coil. I expect that it's output would have been open collector, as the
sensor had a three-wire interface with an external pull-up requirement
on the output.

Anybody seen data on this type of product from early Nat Semi
literature? It could just be a comparator.


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