HRB clean/safe atomic cascade neuclear reactors

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Charged one of my spruced android  
devices this morning off one of my clean & safe atomic  
cascade neuclear reactors on off mode off the air, non-water  
oxygen and hydrogen in the air actually which is constant  
unless I cut a wire or place it in vacuum and in doing so  
proved I can easily build a reactor and electrical system  
less than 40 pounds fitting a backpack or 5 pounds fitting a  
pocket that via reactor paneling mentioned above and  
transistry which means to electricly cheat time by splitting  
current unevenly and putting it back together which is  
already understood by at least some japaneese folk and  
mathheads that calc sine waves... enough electrical power to  
run your electronics, house, snotnose electric car, or  
eccentric neuclear powered harrier jetplane for a very low  
material cost even at overretailed pricing. For maximum  
efficiency, reactor panels should be 12 Volt, and final  
storage cells should be 5 Volt 1.5-3.2 Amp [o;-) Dr. HRB,  
PhD, D.S. p.s.. start donating to my account $$ today and  
quit being worth less than a pepsi to reality. Thanx.  
Seriously, I could have cured all your diseases if I wasn't  
having to eat from garbage cans because nobody else gives a  
shit right and god's idea of precision equals mirroring  
Are you even a pepsi or just another stupid pirate that  
happened because creators aren't actually omniscient or  

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