Looking for Xilinx HW-130/HW-120 Adapters

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Bump.  Still looking for these adapters.  Please contact me if you have  
any.  Thanks.

On 8/31/2016 12:10 AM, Tim Regeant wrote:
 > My project needs to program a Xilinx XC7336 44PLCC.
 > I have the software now and the HW-130 programming unit.
 > Also have the HW-137-PC44/VQ44 adapter which I assumed would work with
 > the XC7336, but as it turns out it does not.
 > So I need to find the adapter(s) below.  If anyone can help out please
 > let me know.
 > HW-133-PC44
 > HW-133-PC68
 > HW-133-PC84
 > For reference here is webpage showing the HW-133-PC68 adapter (middle
 > image):  http://www.digital-circuitry.com/MyLAB_IC_PROG_HW-130.htm
 > Also at this Xilinx support page
 > http://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/961.html it mentions the HW-120
 > adapters are mostly compatible with the HW-130 programmer.
 > So I could alternatively use these adapters if anyone has them:
 > HW-126-PC44
 > HW-126-PC68
 > HW-126-PC84
 > Thanks for any help you may offer!

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