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Hi All,

Anyone know if the range of ZVOX speakers are still being sold in Australia?
The Australia web site is still up (http://www.zvox.com.au /),
but enquires via email ( snipped-for-privacy@zvox.com.au) or phone messages (03 9880 7876)
over the past week have been met with deathly silence.


Re: ZVOX Australia

"Kim Elve"

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.....  Phil

Re: ZVOX Australia

snipped-for-privacy@bigpond.net.au had written this in response to
http://www.electrondepot.com/australian/ZVOX-Australia-11325-.htm  :

Kim Elve wrote:

ZVOX can be reached on (03) 9836 9204 or 0418 198 620. We have been
moving. The emails should be
working, but having tested this morning there does seem to be a problem in
them coming through. Please
use snipped-for-privacy@bigpond.net.au while We rectify the problem.


Paul Sumner

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