What happened to SBS TV ?

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a few months back, all the SBS channels disappeared from my DSE "G7659"  
standard def STB. So, I rescanned the whole band = no change, so I opened  
the unit and gave it a clean and service =  no change.

Must be faulty tuner, I thought - no biggie as my main (flat screen) picks  
up all channels fine.

Last night, a neighbour's STB went dead so I loaned them mine and apologised  
for the lack of SBS. Then I pulled my spare DSE box out of storage and found  
it too had no SBS despite also being rescanned.

Two faulty tuners ?  That IS very fishy.

After about 30 minutes Googling, I finally found that SBS in Sydney has  
moved frequency right back to VHF !!
All the previous UHF signals are now on VHF channel 7  -  nominally at  
184.625 MHz.


So WTF is wrong with the two DSE boxes, why can't they see the new signal ?

I had not tried the "manual tune" function until just now, cos you need to  
know the frequency ( or channel number) of a transmitter to use it.


....  Phil

Re: What happened to SBS TV ?
On 20/05/2014 5:04 PM, Phil Allison wrote:
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One of my PC tuners was unable to receive SBS after the change, even  
though it worked fine for all the other channels, and the other tuner  
(different brand) had no trouble.

Unfortunately, while trying to diagnose the problem further, I seem to  
have killed the tuner while moving it to a different box (static, I  
suspect), and any system that contains it won't work at all.

Your experience just supports my notion that there's indeed something  
fishy about the SBS signal.


Re: What happened to SBS TV ?

Phil Allison wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Had the same problem with my PC tuner software "DV Scheduler"

Seems to retain old frequency information somewhere, changed from: 571500 Hz
To: 184500 Hz, works fine.

Re: What happened to SBS TV ?
On 20/05/2014 5:04 PM, Phil Allison wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
My Tivo gets SBS no problems, but neither of the two TVs on the same  
antenna will get it.

Re: What happened to SBS TV ?
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On 20/05/14 17:04, Phil Allison wrote:
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I can't help you with SBS; I had problems with ABC.

I spent four hours building a table of networks, channels, programs, and  
physical tower location to do my retune, after a factory settings-reset.  
In retrospect, that was overkill, but I learned some interesting things.  
The attached file might not be 100% accurate (locations in particular  
are ambiguous from the government site where I looked up the data) but  
it might help someone.

Interestingly, though ABC's main channel is transmitted from three  
towers, it's better from either of the ones that isn't just 5km from  
here in Gore Hill. That transmitter is putting up only 50kW on a tower  
with almost 1MW of other TV transmitters, so maybe that's the reason.  
The signal is better from 50km away out past Richmond...

Clifford Heath

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Network Brand    Program Channel Location            Density        Preset

        02-    12      GORE HILL            S BAD
        02-    30    (Kings Cross) Kurrajong        S
        21-    12      GORE HILL            S BAD
        21-    30      KURRAJONG HEIGHTS        S        1
        22-    12      GORE HILL            S BAD
        22-    30                    S        12
        23-    12      GORE HILL            S BAD
        23-    30                    S
        24-    12      GORE HILL            M BAD
        24-    30                    M        6
        200-    12                    R
        200-    30                    R
        201-    12                    R
        201-    30                    R

    ONE    SBS
        03-    07      GORE HILL            S
        03-    32      KURRAJONG HEIGHTS & Kings Cross S
        03-    34                    x
    HD    SBS
        30-    07      GORE HILL            H        2
        30-    32      Kings Cross & Kurrajong HEIGHTS H
        30-    34                    x
        32-    07      GORE HILL            S        7
        32-    32                    S
        32-    34                    x
        33-    07      GORE HILL            S        13
        33-    32                    S
        33-    34                    x
        34-    07      GORE HILL            S
        34-    32                    S
        34-    34                    x

        07-    06      GORE HILL            S
        07-    28      KURRAJONG HEIGHTS        S
        07-    48                    x
    Digital ATN
        70-    06      GORE HILL            S        5
        70-    28      Kings Cross            S
        70-    48    Kings Cross            x
        71-    06      GORE HILL            S
        71-    28                    S
        71-    48                    x
        72-    06      GORE HILL            S        16
        72-    28                    S
        73-    06      GORE HILL            H        10
        73-    28                    H
        73-    48                    x
        74-    06      GORE HILL            S
        74-    28                    S
        74-    48                    x
        78-    06      GORE HILL            S
        78-    28                    S
        78-    48                    x

    Nine Sydney
        09-    08      GORE HILL            S        4
        09-    33      KURRAJONG HEIGHTS Kings Cross    S
    GEM (TCN)
        90-    08      GORE HILL            H        9
        90-    33        Kings Cross            H
        99-    08      GORE HILL            S        15
        99-    33      Manly                S
        93-    08      GORE HILL            S
        94-    33                    S
        95-    08      GORE HILL            S
        95-    33                    S

        10-    11      GORE HILL            S        3
        10-    31      KURRAJONG HEIGHTS & Manly    S
        10-    45                    x
        01-    11      GORE HILL            H        8
        01-    31                    H
        01-    45                    x
        12-    11      GORE HILL            H
        12-    31                    H
        12-    45                    x
        11-    11      GORE HILL            S        14
        11-    31                    S
        11-    45                    x
        14-    11      GORE HILL            S
        14-    31                    S
        14-    45                    x
        15-    11      GORE HILL            S
        15-    31                    S
        15-    45                    x

        44-    29    (Kings Cross?)            S        11


Re: What happened to SBS TV ?
I have an LG STB, which was pretty good - it would even work with an indoor
antenna. Now it struggles with SBS using the rooftop antenna.
I suspect they have reduced power.

Re: What happened to SBS TV ?
On 25/05/2014 6:45 PM, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You'd surely have to have something wrong with the antenna or feed.


Re: What happened to SBS TV ?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

** Not likely.

But your antenna may have more gain at their old UHF frequency than VHF 7.

....  Phil

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