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I am replacing a volume control pot on a sangean prd4 radio.
The original unit has four pins and a pcb mount. I have found it  difficult
and expensive ($44) to get an original replacement.
The fourth pin comes from a centre tap of the pot resistance and is taken to
earth via a  2.7k R and a 473 cap in series.
I assume this is to give the 50kb linear pot a log response but I don't
I  would like to replace the pot with a 3 pin 50k pcb mount pot from jaycar.
I was thinking I could I use a 50kA log pot and ignore the fourth pin or
possibly use a linear pot and connect the centre pin to the fourth pin
connection as well.
Alternatively, does anyone know where I could obtain a suitable four pin

Re: volume control problem
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The pot you describe sounds like it has a "loudness" tap.
Basically at low volumes it cuts the treble a bit, making
the bass a bit stronger in relation to the other
frequencies, so it sounds a bit fuller.  A standard pot
should work just fine, but may sound a little tinny at lower
volumes. Dunno where you'd get a replacement loudness pot
these days. A decade or so ago they were common as dirt.

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Re: volume control problem
Thanks for the reply doug
I have seen an idea where the centre tap can be simulated with two equal
series resistors in parrallel with the pot resistance, so I will try that.

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