VAST HDTV audio quality?

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It's generally claimed to be hi fi quality but appears to me to be
anything but.  I don't even have good hearing so audiophile standards
aren't being applied either.

Decoder is the standard Altech DSD4121, feeding an AV receiver (Yamaha
RX-V571) via HDMI.  Speakers (R, L and centre) are Peerless HDS from
WES (455's and a 255C).

Live voice (TV studio) is acceptable, and much better than I'd expect
to hear from any TV set.  From there it's all downhill.  Recorded
programs and movies are ratshit compared to DVD or CD... poor stereo
image and dull sound being the norm.

I don't have access to terrestial HDTV, or even FM radio, to make any
comparisons there and although I haven't run them side by side my gut
feeling is it's no better (or worse) than the old Aurora system.

So who's the culprit?...
The receiving equipment,
The VAST signal,
or the TV stations?

I'm also curious as to how VAST audio compares with terrestial HDTV?

John H

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