Vacuum Cleaner Motor Control

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I have an LG vacuum cleaner that will sometimes run, but mostly won't.
I've opened it up and looked at the wiring and everything seems in order.
There are two circuit boards, one would be the speed control and the other
has a triac to run the motor.  I ran the soldering iron over the board to
reflow the solder and when I did so I could smell that burnt component
smell.  The smell seems to come from a capacitor near the triac, although
there is no physical sign of damage.

1.  Should I replace the triac as well as the capacitor?  Is it common for
these capacitors to go?  Would the vacuum cleaner working intermittently
be a symptom of the cap being faulty?

2.  The cap says 01F.  Am I correct in assuming that this is .01 uF?

3.  Where would I be able to get one of these?  I've looked in the RS and
Farnell catalogs and all the motor run/start caps are physically quite a
bit larger. This one is about 15 mm in diameter and stands about 15 mm
high.  The markings on the cap are:




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