UNI-T Bench Multimeter

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I have a UNI-T bench multimeter (UT804) purchased 2 years ago on eBay
that has developed an annoying random 'flashing' display back-light. I
have been in contact with UNI-T and they suggest returning it to their
factory in China as they have no authorised UNI-T service agent in

Minimum cost is postage both ways plus USD$100.

I would have a go at repairs myself but cannot locate a schematic for it.

Any suggestions?


Re: UNI-T Bench Multimeter
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**Is the backlighting an EL (Electroluminescent) panel?

If so, you're pretty much screwed. It will either be the panel, or the
high Voltage inverter. The inverter is easy enough to trouble-shoot, but
the panel, if faulty, is a whole 'nuther can of worms. The other option
is that the backlighting may be LED. If that's the case, you should be
able to figure it out.

Trevor Wilson www.rageaudio.com.au

Re: UNI-T Bench Multimeter

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Hi Trevor,

Thanks for your reply.
Display is very light blue and is edge-lit on left hand side edge only,
so I suspect is LED?

In between flashes of the screen the display looks like a stock standard
LED display - black lettering on a grey background.

It is a long shot but I will contact UNI-T again and see if they will
send me a schematic.

Problem in the past when contacting them is that they wont give me an
email address for a techo in their company. Stock answer - if it's
faulty send it back. Most annoying!


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